Increase Your Commission On Your Fabulous Real Estate When You Look the Part

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Real estate is a great career. People who love to sell and have a knack for it will find selling properties a fabulous fit. In this growing field, real estate agents have the opportunity to connect clients with homes they love the second they get to the curb. One of the many great things about selling homes is there's a home for everyone and a chance for the agent to find their own niche. Many real estate experts have found it a good idea to specialize in high end properties. High end properties can net the agent a nice commission. Selling high end properties means being able to connect with buyers at the top of the pay scales. Such buyers expect many qualities in an agent. They are looking for empathetic people who understand their point of view. They're also looking for people who exude success and are comfortable in this kind of environment. A look that says confidence is a must for all high end real estate agents.


The Details

Any lookup should start with the details. For example, handbags say upscale luxury. Handbags also say that the person is organized and capable. Finding Chanel bags for sale lets anyone begin to craft their modern image. An expensive bag is one way to help convey the agent's ability to touch base with both current trends and, at the same time, demonstrate how they create a look that is also totally timeless. The same is true of shoes. Shoes should be thought about closely before the agent leaves. Many homeowners ask that agents and others entering their home take off their shoes before they get inside. This helps keep newly refurbished wood floors in the best possible condition. It's a good idea to look for shoes that can be taken on off easily and still look professional at the same time.


Using Color

As so many real estate agents know so well, color is an integral part of any design plan. Just as using color on the walls invites people in and sets a mood, the same is true of using color in your wardrobe. A specialist in luxury properties should think about the kind of colors she wears to speak to her clients. Understated neutrals are always a good bet. Shades of navy blue and black convey professionalism. The same is true of colors such as beige, hunter green and shades of grey. Any agent should also think about what colors look best with their features and skin tone. A man may want to opt for a dark suit that helps remind others of their height. Women should consider shades that show off their eyes and present a subtle and yet lovely look. Look for fabrics like linen that are matte and yet exude patina and class even at a distance.


Makeup and Hair

Like other details, makeup and hair also say much about the agent to buyers in the top percentiles. A woman should have a neat manicure that looks professional. Her hair should be cut on a routine basis. Hair styled according to the latest trend is one way to show that an agent is hip and watches the market closely. The same is true of the use of makeup. Good makeup will help a woman feel more confident. Anyone who is aiming to specialize in such properties should consider a consultation with a local makeup expert. The expert can demonstrate what products might work best for their facial structure. They can also show the client how to apply the makeup products at home. It's a good idea to spend time practicing before leaving the house. Have a look in the mirror and make sure the results seen are pleasing to you.


Careful use of details like handbags and makeup help you make your mark in high end real estate sales.

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