Learn How to Choose the Ideal Place for your Cyprus Property

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Buying a property in Cyprus is an exciting investment, but it’s also a large one. It’s important not to rush into it, dazzled by dreams of sunshine and white sand beaches. It’s a big decision and it will all go smoothly if you put some thought into it before you go ahead with your purchase. Here is our guide for some points to consider while you’re choosing your new property in Cyprus… 

Why are you buying the property? 

Consider the reasons for your purchase. Will you be spending time there with your family? If so, who is likely to be holidaying there most frequently? Your friends? Young children? This will impact on your preferred location. A group of adults visiting regularly would perhaps choose to be in a quiet spot close to bars and restaurants. Younger adults may prefer to be close to the nightlife, and children may want to spend most of their time playing at the beach. Think about whether or not you’ll ever live in the property full time. Perhaps you’re considering relocating one day or retiring to Cyprus. In the meantime, will you be letting out the property and to whom? Would you like to rent to holidaymakers, or you would you prefer a full-time long-term tenant?

What will you want to do while you’re at your property?

If you plan on spending time at your property, think of all the activities you’d like to partake in. If you love walking, you might like to be near some of the superb hiking trails. If you’re keen on water sports, then a coastal location is a must.

Make a list of priorities and put them in order

There are bound to be many things you want in your new holiday home. Some will be deal breakers and others will be simply nice to have. Get all these down on paper and put them in order. Is a sea view important? Do you need a swimming pool? Is it important to be within walking distance of shops or restaurants? Consider your budget. Are you willing to spend more for a property that ticks all of the boxes? If not, where are you prepared to make compromises if you should need to?

Check out all the areas first

The different areas of Cyprus are all quite distinct. While each is lovely in it’s own way, you’ll find a different vibe everywhere you go and only you will know which area feels best for you. The only true way to get a real feel for each part of the island is the visit them. Spend a little time touring the island and you’re bound to find a connection with certain parts, or a special fondness for one area. Find your favourite and you can start your property hunt in and around that area.

Get help from an agency in the area

Buying a property overseas does have the problem of being at a distance. It’s all made much easier for you if you tap into the skills and local knowledge of a good local property consultant firm. They will have the inside knowledge to answer all your questions and truly help you find your perfect location and dream property.

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