Whether investor or average joe a Low Commission Realtor will SAVE you dough

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 12 February 2019 10:19
Keep more home equity in your pocket at closing Keep more home equity in your pocket at closing

If you are planning on selling real estate closing cost can be many thousands in sales commission. Whether you are a investor or an average joe the typical commission for selling real estate is about 6%. On selling a $200,000 home that would $12,000 in sales commission. And whether you are wealthy or counting your pocket change, spending $12,000 to sell your property is a lot of home equity from your bottom line.

If you used a 1% realtor to sell your property that same $200,000 home would only cost $2,000 dollars to sell with a low commission agent. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that keeping $10,000 from the sale of your home in your pocket at closing is good for your bottom line.

Lucky for you there are brokers offering one percent real estate sales agreements with all the benefits of a full service 6% agent. Some low commission realtors in Portland Oregon are offering a trademarked “24/7 SELLING SYSTEM” with 30 Days of Activity to get your property SOLD. So don't think that just because you use a 1% real estate agent to sell your property that you are going to get less service or a lower selling price.

Not all low commission brokers offer the same level of service for discount commissions, so make sure you read the listing agreement thoroughly and are clear on what services you will be provide and how they will market your property to get top dollar. If you want to avoid having to try and find a one percent realtor, or trying to negotiate a lower commission with a typical agent, then you should check out NW Realty Magazine and fill out a form to have a low commission agent that will provide high commission service without having to negotiate terms. They can connect you with realtors in the Northwest and across the USA.

So whether you are selling lots of properties, or selling your first home, it makes sense that you would want to keep as much of the sale price in your bank account. Especially if you aren't going to sacrifice on service or selling price. The saying goes "a penny saved is a penny earned" well $10,000 saved is a lot of pennies :)

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Boone Bergsma

I have always had a passion for real estate, my interest started in wholesaling and flipping houses. I went to Pierce College to Study Real Estate Development in 2008. I studied Real Estate Practices, Principles of Appraisal, Appraisal Procedures, Real Estate Law, and took and passed the Washington State Real Estate Realtor Exam. I now have a interest and passion for connecting low commission real estate agents and flat fee brokers with sellers that want to save thousands selling their property. I write about real estate commissions on www.NWRealtyMagazine.com if you are interested in learning more and connecting with 1% Realtor or Flat Fee Broker.


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