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5 Tips for Moving from a House to a Condo - Read Carefully Number 5

Written by Posted On Thursday, 14 March 2019 21:11

Moving from a single family house to a condo can be a bittersweet experience for anyone. Maybe you don’t need that large lawn of yours, maybe the stairs are a bit difficult to maintain now. In either case, if you have decided to change the way of living by moving from a house to a condo then best of luck. You have taken a correct decision but do you know the possible changes you are going to face. It’s not an easy task to move from a single family house to a condo. Since there is a couple difference between house and condo, you have to prepare yourself first then move. There are some tips to ease your tension. By following these tips, there are high possibilities that you will cope with the changes in no time.


#1. Have a better floor plan first

It’s not about the house or condo. Everything will have a different floor dimension than your current house whether it’s a house and condo. So before doing anything have a clear vision of your condo and create a map or create some sketches. The second task is to measure your furniture. Now compare the measurement with your map or sketches. So you might be curious what this is all about. By following this plan you will save yourself a lot of hassle and time. Because you might have to relocate several types of furniture quite a few times if you don’t measure them first.

#2. Prioritizing

Now it is time to face the real deal. Listing your possessions is the second important task before you move. Everyone has all kinds of furniture and appliances. They vary in sizes and importance. So first list the bigger items like chair, table, bed, and dresser. Usually there is three category which demonstrates your importance for the objects you have in your house. The first one is “a must-have” things. Then comes the category named “might be needed” and last but not the least “bye-bye”. So according to these category lists all your possessions. If you are confused which things to let go then there actually is no rule to determine that. But there is a saying that if there is something you don’t use in 3 months then it is not necessary for your daily life or in this case “bye-bye” category. Also there is one category left it is called “emotional attachment” category. The possessions of this category can be found in anywhere in your house. So search through the house especially in the kitchen. Sink, bathroom and closets. If you found something that has not been used in 5-10 years then you can be assured that those things have sentimental significance.

#3. Compare and conquer

Another important thing to take into consideration is comparing both places. Compare your condo with your current house. You will find some interesting facts. You can assume that most of the time a condo will be smaller than your house. So, you can compare the same room with your house. Like comparing your living room with a condo living room or even comparing the kitchen and bathroom with your condo bathroom and kitchen. As soon as you do that you will find how many of your current items can fit in your new condo rooms. In this manner it will be easy for you to ditch unnecessary items. You might also imagine a picture of your new rooms with your old furniture.

#4. Business plan

This is a really interesting tip. It about doing business with old possessions. Whatever you did in your personal life doesn’t matter as long as you agree to let go. There might be a couple of products that worth 10-1000 dollars or even more. Also this is the best time to sell those objects which you are trying to upgrade or change for a long time. Before moving you can put up a sale auction for these unused products. Nowadays you don’t have to put up a garage sale in your back yard. Since there is an online market place everywhere. You can just take some pictures of each product and sell them online. You don’t have to argue with the customer any more like old days also. You can specify product cost. That way you will definitely earn a lot of money. You can use this money to give your condo rent for a couple of months. And like previously discussed you can also spend that money on new appliances. Then there is also an option called charity.

#5. Storage locker and condo amenities

Most of the major condo has a storage locker room. The azura apartment or condo has these facilities for helping the new tenants which makes it pretty easy for them to move in. You can store many important things in the locker. But like previously mentioned before that a condo will be smaller in most cases. So you have to fit your things in a small locker room. So before advancing know the size of the storage locker and organize your boxes according to the plan. Now, you might have a lot of amusement tools like power tools and different types of games and also gym equipment. Most of the amazing condo comes with great facilities which are absolutely free. Most importantly you will always find a fully functional gym with lots of equipment and a game room. So after shifting in the condo you won’t have to use your own tools rather you might find better tools in the condo. That’s why the best course of action would be to sell those gears, tools or equipment.

Truthfully moving from a single family house to a condo is a very tough job. The process of shifting will surely give you a hard time. But there is nothing to fear. Because a condo has its own set of benefit. Also once you follow these steps, you will feel less pressure. So good luck on your journey by becoming a happy condo owner and have a safe move.

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