Now is the Time to Buy Real Estate Near the Eglinton Crosstown

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Not all neighbourhoods are created equal when you’re looking to buy a property for investment purposes. The last thing you want is a neighbourhood that offers no property appreciation no matter how cute the neighbourhood is and friendly the neighbours are.

Buying Real Estate in Toronto

Putting aside other attractive emotional characteristics, what you want to look for is a neighbourhood that is on the rise – a neighbourhood that’s going to have some huge returns for you in the future. Although there are no guarantees in real estate, what you should do is look for prospective properties in neighbourhoods that are very unlikely to depreciate on you.

If you’re buying real estate in Toronto, it makes sense to choose locations that are near major transit hubs and roads. Property prices usually go higher the nearer a property is to a GO station. People love convenience and place a premium on their time these days. They prefer easier commuting and are willing to shell out the money to afford extra convenience.

Choose Convenience and Future ROI

But is it enough that your prospective property is near a GO station? While a nearby subway or GO station is preferable over major roads because they at least have exclusive use and not prone to congestion, some locations are better than others if you want a better overall investment.

The above point brings us to investing in Eglinton Crosstown. You see, this transit route is scheduled for completion in 2021; which means that you’ll be one of the first people to flock there and more!

Why Eglinton Crosstown?

The Eglinton Crosstown light rail system will run in a pre-existing stretch of Eglinton from the east at Malvern in Scarborough to Dennis in Toronto’s west. This train system will have most of its route under the ground so it functions like a subway. It is not subject to traffic and is 60% faster than the current bus route because it can technically travel up to 80 kilometres an hour. The Eglinton Crosstown light rail system also connects twice to the Yonge-University Subway Line and to several GO stops.

Eglinton Crosstown will link isolated areas nearer to cities and when this happens, real estate prices will surge up. Transit isolation will be a thing of the past as Mount Dennis will be more connected in the future. A mobility hub will connect Black Creek and Eglinton to the UP Express and Kitchener by GO train. Union Station in the downtown will just be 15 minutes away. Imagine going from Mount Dennis to the airport in less than half an hour with plenty of time to spare.

Aside from Mount Dennis, Caledonia will also have better accessibility. The Mount Dennis and Leslieville area will be the new neighbourhood where Torontonians can find reasonably priced starter homes. Business is also expected to boom in the area because where people go, they will need new services, food establishments, amenities, and everything else that makes a comfortable life. If you’re looking for a smart investment property in Toronto, you better look in the vicinity of Eglinton Crosstown!

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