How to Sell Your Home in the Summer - Selling your Home in the Summer

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As most people have heard from their Realtor, Spring is the most popular time of the year to put a home on the market. Fall is the second most popular time of the year to sell a home. It comes as a surprise to most people that summer is not usually a popular time to sell a home. Selling a home in the summer can be tricky, and here's why: 


Because in the summer:

  • Weather in some areas is very hot and not conducive to house hunting
  • Competition in areas where summer is prime selling season gets higher with buyers demanding more concessions and features
  • It’s vacation time, and fewer buyers may be looking for homes in your area
  • You may experience higher costs of showing because you’ll kick up the air conditioning and maintain your yard constantly
  • Your kids may hate it if you keep pools and other outdoor spaces constantly show-ready and they can’t use them — not to mention they’ll be out of school and their stuff all over your house
  • Professionals are busier, so finding the best real estate agent, landscapers, contractors, and others gets harder, driving up selling costs more

If You Must Sell Your Home in the Summer

Not everybody can wait until fall to sell and relocate. Some people might be transferred to a new job in another state or be experiencing a pressing "life" issue that could necessitate an immediate sale. Here are a few things you can do to attract a summertime buyer.


Mow the Lawn Twice a Week


Grass grows faster in the summer so mow your lawn regularly. Every other lawn cutting, try mowing on the diagonal to add dimension and curb appeal.


Create Summer Curb Appeal 


Curb appeal attracts people in the market to buy homes. Trim the bushes. Plant flowers. Scatter mulch. Paint your house number on the curb. Sweep the walk. Make your entrance welcoming and warm.


Decorate With Summer Accents


Look around your home for color inspiration. Add vivid blue decor items for a calming effect. Replace dark-colored accent pillows and throw rugs with brighter, summer hues.


Bring the Light Inside


If you have heavy drapes, remove them. They make rooms look smaller. Pull window blinds to the top and tape the strings underneath. Consider using tie-backs to hold open lighter-weight curtains. The only time you would leave blinds closed is if there was an undesirable element on the other side of the window, i.e., a neighbor's trash can, and even then, open them slightly.


Have Flexible Showing Hours 


Some people like to skip out of work early due to daylight savings in many states. You might find buyers are more interested in touring your home during twilight hours, just after the dinner hour.


Move Furniture Outside


Not only does moving out furniture free up more room inside the home, but it creates an outdoor living space with items you already own. It's an illusion created for a buyer that says yes, you too can own this lifestyle.


Deliver Sparkle


Gold or silver or brass or pewter? Doesn't matter. Mix them, if you like. Old rules don't apply. Metals are summery. Vases, picture frames, mirrors, utensils, goblets, hanging planters, and garden gnomes all work.


Offer Summer Beverages and Snacks


Classic summer means red-and-white checkered tablecloths, potato salad, hot dogs and mustard and roasted corn-on-the-cob. Every part of the country has its own summer food traditions. Fill the sink with ice cubes and chill bottled beverages for visitors and offer a few light snacks.


Use Natural Air Freshener


Fill the air in your home with natural fragrances such as those from fresh cut roses, grown in your garden as commercial has no scent.


Control Air Temperature


There's nothing worse than a stuffy room on a hot day. Circulate the air in your home. Even if you have to place floor fans about the home, keep the air moving. Turn down the air conditioning to a level just below your comfort zone on extra hot days. A cool indoors will keep visitors indoors viewing your home for longer.

Regardless of the season, your house CAN be sold fast for top dollar if you chose the right Realtor. Interested in finding out what your home is worth this summer? CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE A FREE, INSTANT HOME VALUATION!


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