10 Stunning Luxury Treehouses You Must See

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Treehouses are not a new concept but almost everyone who sees one is mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful treehouse. It evokes a sense of wonder, child-like joy, and good memories from one’s childhood. Who can resist a treehouse? Maybe no one! If you’re looking for inspirations for a future dream home, check out some of the most stunningly beautiful luxury treehouses from around the world below.


Luxury treehouse

Located in northern Germany, Baumraum is an egg-like treehouse supported by 2 huge oak trees. The design features 2 terraces, comfortable seating areas, and curved glass fronts.

Blue Forest

UK-based Blue Forest is a stunning treehouse designed to reduce noise pollution. The tree-shaped design uses special materials and insulation to make the house really quiet.


Created by Lukasz Kos as a full 3-story structure built around 4 fir trees, 4Treehouse in Ontario is shaped like a huge Japanese lantern. The structure is located in Lake Muskoka and is well-loved by both locals and tourists.

Treehouse People

Self-taught builder Takashi Kobayashi made this treehouse in Nasu, Japan making sure that the structure doesn’t harm the tree’s growth. That’s quite a feat!


Not a treehouse but more of a tree building, this huge structure was created for the Boy Scouts of America in 2013. The tree building has educational and recreational spaces as well as a water cleansing system, photovoltaic panels, and wind turbines. The engineering focuses on sustainable technology.


Sharma Springs from Ibuku treehouse was designed with 4 bedrooms and 6 levels to serve as a jungle retreat for the Sharma family. The bamboo design gives way to open air living spaces, circling spaces, custom shower stalls, and other luxurious features.

Joel Allen/Hemloft

Developer Joel Allen created this ship-like treehouse when he retired at age 26 and took up carpentry. The Hemloft was actually built on land that the builder doesn’t own so the structure may need to be moved someday.

Dana LeRoy

Architect Terunobu Fujimori built this cottage-like Tetsu Teahouse in Japan. The Teahouse has sliding wooden doors and a floor-hatch entrance. The perfect getaway for a quiet afternoon!

Tom Hare/Daniel Castledine

UK Artist Tom Hare is responsible for this commissioned egg-like structure. This unique treehouse is made from willow branches and is located at a private home on top of a cherry tree. What can be more fun than that as far as treehouses go?

Konrad Wójcik/Primeval Symbiosis

Interior designer Konrad Wojcik created Primeval Symbiosis as an architecture student. His concept was all about coexisting with nature and this gave rise to this compact structure that can house 2 to 4 persons. The structure is purely man-made but almost functions just like a tree, thanks to technology.

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