How to Style Your Luxury Master Bedroom for Selling

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There is a huge difference between styling a luxury master bedroom for yourself and styling one to appeal to future home buyers. You can go as quirky as you want and be totally out of the box if styling a luxury master bedroom for yourself but styling one for a home that’s on the market requires a different approach. To help you sell your home, below are some tips on how to style an elegant and luxurious master bedroom.

Prepare Your Canvass

Luxury bedroom for selling

Neutral colours such as silver, white, navy, charcoal, taupe, white, and gold provide a sense of calmness and promote relaxation. They have a universal appeal that works for all genders and ages. Remember to go for solid patterns and use softer colours to create a calming effect on the body. Perfect for whoever will sleep in the luxury master bedroom!

Style with Luxurious Throws

Luxury bedroom for selling2

A luxurious throw in a rich fabric or faux fur can be used as an accent piece as well as décor in a luxury master bedroom. You can use it to emphasize areas that you want to highlight too.

Do Not Skimp on the Linen

Luxury bedroom for selling3

Do you know that it is a common designer trick to use linen that’s a bit larger than the bed? Doing this will create a softer, plusher, and more luxurious look for the bed that’s hard to ignore. While you’re on styling the bed, a few decorative pillows in a neutral colour but with interesting texture or pattern will be good additions too.

Create Lots of Storage

Luxury bedroom for selling4

Whether or not you have ample storage space, showcasing extra storage and making it look nicer will help you sell your home. You may want to declutter or arrange clothes in a way that highlights space if you’re still living at home by the time you’re showing. The last thing you want is for future buyers to think that the home is cramped.

Showcase the Right Art

Luxury bedroom for selling5

Do away with displaying huge personal photos and choose tasteful art that has a broad appeal. One or two pieces should be enough. If you’re not into paintings, sculptural pieces can work too.

Make a Small Study or a Reading Nook

Luxury bedroom for selling6

A quiet corner with one or two chairs flanking a small table will make a cute reading nook or office. A less formal one would be a pile of large cushion beside a bookcase. Don’t forget to add a rug or a throw too.

Make Use of Large Lamps

Luxury bedroom for selling7

Large lamps create a huge impact and add a sense of luxury to a space. Classic designs are the way to go. Don’t forget to have all lights lit when you’re showing your home!

Rearrange Furniture

The placement of bedroom furniture, particularly the bed, has a huge impact on how a future buyer will perceive the bedroom space. Incorrect placement will make the room feel stuffed and boxed up while good placement and layout can make the room feel considerably larger.

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