Driveway Renovations - How you can add value to your home!

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When it comes to adding value to a home you may not think as a driveway being top of the to-do list. However, one of the first things neighbours, friends, potential buyers, and family members will see happens to be the driveway. Taking the time to invest in your driveway and improve the curb appeal of your home can go a long way! Small changes can have a big impact and if you are careful you can plan your project so that budgets do not overspill and you are able to complete the work on time and also on budget.doorway renovation


This article will give you an overview of some key things you should think about when renovating and upgrading your driveway. 

Request samples of the aggregate you want to use!

One of the most important things that you will need to decide and think about when it comes to renovating a driveway is the type of aggregate that you will use. There are many different choices out there from Granite, Gravel and other forms of aggregate. Think about the colour of this in both wet and dry weather and also cost must come in to play. A great thing to do whilst looking at the different types of aggregate is to not only look at pictures online but also go through and order sample bags. Taking the time to order samples to check that the aggregate is what you are looking for will save you a lot of time in the long run and will prevent you from needing to return over 20x bags of aggregate. 


Not only do free samples provide you with a visual representation of how your drive will look but allows you to compare against different types and colours; you may find that a particular type of aggregate you thought you wouldn't like turns out to be your favourite! 

What should you think about when choosing your aggregate?

When deciding upon aggregate there is a range of things to think about before going ahead and purchasing a large quantity. Firstly, the main thing that you will need to check is the colour that the aggregate will turn in both wet and dry weather. Secondly, how durable is the quality of the aggregate that you are getting as you are taking time to renovate your driveway you do not want to have to redo or fix any problems with the aggregate in 2-3 years time. Another reason and arguably the most important is the price; making sure that you can afford the aggregate and also afford the amount that you require is vital. 

Calculate the cost of your project

As with any home improvement project, it is a great idea to budget how much money and time you will need to spend whilst improving your driveway. Something that is important to remember is the time aspect; many people underestimate how much time is needed to dig and remove any of the current aggregate or asphalt that you have. Calculating the Aggregate needed for your driveway renovation will help you forecast how much you need to save and also allow you to think about timescales from start to finish. Simply create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets and you will feel a lot happier knowing where your money is going to be spent. 


Whilst thinking about the aggregate, soil and plants you may need to decorate the driveway it is a good idea to make sure you have all the tools needed to dig up what is currently present. Taking the time to think about the tools you will need for the project will avoid any hiccups with time scales and finishing the project on time. 


We hope that this article will help you when it comes to renovating your driveway!

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