Changes and Updates in Luxury Design for 2020

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Luxury design is constantly evolving. Architecture, real estate, and design trends are continuously sculpted by our perception as well as cultural changes on a global scale. The way people view luxury design has changed a lot as well. Luxury used to be equated with having more is better but the trend now is going towards minimalism. These days, designing in excess can be perceived as tacky and gaudy. People just care more about how money is spent and not where it is spent. With all off these things said, what is considered luxury these days? How do you design a luxury home and keep things classic?

Focus on Easy Living

Convenience is what is important to a lot of people these days. There is an increased emphasis on easy living with design that is not only easy to use but also beautiful to look at as well. Design these days is all about incorporating the latest technology to older design to fit the modern lifestyle. There is a huge movement towards creating intuitive homes that goes beyond automated lighting and motorized blinds. Some kitchen designs incorporate Alexa and some homes have opted for touch faucets instead of regular ones.

Go for Timeless Design

Generally speaking, the more classic you go for your design, the more timeless it will be. It is always a good idea to avoid trendy design and try to incorporate design elements from the past. Adding traditional elements to new design will make it easier for it to age better. You may also consider adding crafted and custom details to make sure that the end design will cater to the lifestyle you are aiming for. There are many ways to incorporate design with an efficiency that will work for a wide range of aesthetics. What is important is to know when to stop adding details to keep the overall design timeless.

Keeping Authenticity

Keeping authenticity is very important especially if building in certain locations. You will want your place to fit in and stand out at the same time. You’ll want the details to be true and reflect respect for the surroundings. This way, you’ll create a strong sense of integration and flow with your space and where it is located.  

Be Open for Influences

There are many factors that can influence the changes and new trends in luxury design. The most common is how hotel design influences movement in residential luxury design and vice versa. It isn’t uncommon to see this often reflected in bedroom design as well as how lounges, bars, and dining areas are modeled. Next time you stay at a hotel, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for hotel design inspirations that you may want to incorporate in your home.

The face of luxury design is constantly evolving. The key to choosing which designs will be timeless and will still be luxurious years down the road is a mastering a complex web of taste, eye for beauty, and a love for function.

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