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The indispensable furniture for baby's room

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 09 October 2019 13:59

 These are some essential furniture that cannot be missing in your baby's room. It must be recognized that preparing the room for baby arrival gives us moments of great happiness, imagining the newborn moving in the different spaces makes waiting for a magical moment. But what furniture is really essential? Which ones cannot be missing in your house? Here we present some essential furniture for your house that cannot be missing in your baby's room.


1. Crib 

During the first months of life, it is normal to have several awakenings at night, so the most comfortable for many parents is that the crib is in the same room. The cribs that join the double bed and allow one side to be lowered are very comfortable to take care of the baby during the early morning.


2. Changer


Experience will show that the baby can be changed anywhere and under any situation, but at home, it will be more practical if there is a changing table at a comfortable height. It is important that it can be easily cleaned and, although the baby should never be left alone, that it is safe enough for you to hold the baby with one hand. In addition, they can be used to store diapers, wipes in an orderly manner...


3. Gliders

Daycare planners can help you, and your baby relaxes and even sleeps. There are many models and different types of nursery gliders. Traditional models are still made of wood, but upholstered versions are now also widely available. Wooden nursery gliders are made of solid wood such as mahogany, oak, pine, cherry, and maple. Its arms are contoured for maximum comfort. Upholstered nursery gliders are made with thick foam covered in soft fabrics and plush in colors to match any baby space. They can have back pillows and drop cushions for maximum comfort.



Swivel gliders: Choose an upholstered nursery glider that can be turned up to 360 degrees, allowing you to turn in any direction to face the window or television by putting your baby to sleep.

Cushions: To make your wooden nursery glider more comfortable to sit on, consider buying separate cushions to protect your bottom and back from difficult, wooden glider surfaces.


4. Bathtub

Less and less houses have a bathtub and, if they have one, when they are very small, our lumbar ones are grateful that it is at our height and is small in order to handle the child in the water. Many changing rooms have the bathtub included, which can be a very good option for small houses where there is no room for both. Of course, in this case, the changing table will always be in the bathroom, and it also has to be large enough so that you do not have to be opening and closing it every time you need it. The bad thing about bathtubs / changing tables is that they are not usually very large and can remain small before the child can safely be in the shower. If there is no bathtub in your house, do not despair, there are already bathtubs that fit in the shower tray and where older children can get in.


5. Highchair

Babies do not usually like being horizontal. Neither the crib, nor the carrycot, nor that corner of the room that you have prepared to leave him while doing some homework. Therefore, as soon as they begin to see a little better, they like to sit more, without losing the detail of what is going on around. There is a multitude of chairs on the market - some rocking chairs - that are perfect for letting you be happy for a while. When you are older, the highchair for eating can also be useful for you to play a moment with the peace of mind that you are not going to fall or take something you should not. In the case of the high chair, better if you choose an adaptive to continue serving as it grows.


6. Basket of dirty clothes

The amount of dirty clothes that accumulates every day will be increasing can be very practical (and even decorative!) To have a laundry basket near the changing table. But be careful; don't wait to fill it up so you can run out of clothes before.


7. Comfortable chair/rocking chair

To sleep the baby, either in arms or in the crib (if anyone has ever achieved it), it is very useful to have a comfortable chair near your resting area. If the chair is rocking, better than better, it may even save you a ride with the child in your arms around the house. There is nothing that sleeps a baby more effectively than swinging.

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