The tips and tricks of League of Legends betting

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As one of the biggest MOBAs in the world, League of Legends is the go-to esport to bet on for many. It is also one of the more complicated ones out there with a myriad potential rosters and a massive worldwide network of leagues and competitions. With all these factors in mind, it’s understandable if League of Legends betting seems like a daunting prospect to you as a prospective bettor. Have no fear – we’ve put together a set of handy tips to help you get started!

1) Roster depth is key

With so many potential heroes and lineups to play with in League of Legends, versatility and the ability to think on your feet in the banning phase can make or break your chances in a game. This is therefore a very important aspect of League of Legends teams, and you should definitely have a strong understanding of the different players’ ability to play with vastly different heroes before placing a bet. If you only have one strategy, it’s easy to get unbalanced by a well-thought out ban or two, and fighting at a disadvantage is never a good thing. What heroes do the teams and players prefer? How well do they do with and without them? Make sure to scour the archives and results to get a good understanding of their comfort zones and surprise picks, and you’ll find your betting results will vastly improve.

2) What’s the historical record between the teams?

The more two teams play each other, the better idea they have of their opponents’ tendencies. This is where the mindgames really start to get going. It also means that if a team consistently beats another one, they probably have them figured out in some capacity. This may very well mean that they can beat them again in their next encounter, even if they’d otherwise be expected to lose due to factors like the league standing or other considerations. This is especially true in the case of big rivalries, where the form book really goes out of the window.

3) The veterancy aspect

Many strong League of Legends teams managed to get themselves into trouble by trying to revitalize their roster by removing a stable stalwart for a youngster with as-of-yet intangible potential. As it turns out, form is temporary while class is permanent in esports as well, which means that moves like these can often do more harm than good. What this means from a betting perspective is that you should not discount the experience of older players, even if we’re talking about playing a video game professionally. Reflexes are not everything and the young whippersnappers won’t automatically become winners – if anything, looking at the other side of the equation could help you a lot when making your betting decisions!

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