5 Additions That Can Increase the Value of Your Home Overnight

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 06 November 2019 15:57

Whether you are looking to sell your house, refinance your mortgage, or just maximize your long-term investment, there are some additions that can increase your home's value virtually overnight. Look to one of these tried and true additions to get the best return on your remodeling budget. 

Increase Liveable Space

Any improvements and additions that increase the size of your home will likely also increase its value. Look to unused space in the basement or attic that could be finished without changing the outside walls of your house. These areas can be turned into office space, entertainment rooms, extra bedrooms. You'll want to check with local agencies about permits and building codes before you start adding on. 

Not all liveable space has to actually be inside the house, either. Storage options like sheds and garages can really expand your liveable areas. Ready to install metal buildings make excellent she sheds, man caves, and even home offices with the right touches. Many people are turning to accessory dwellings for inlaw suites or even additional rental income. 

Create Curb Appeal

Generate some interest and set the mood of your home by adding a new door and entryway. A steel or fiberglass door in a warm, inviting color can create serious curb appeal. If your home design allows, embrace the idea of a front porch to add charm to your house, not to mention a nice place to welcome visitors. Adding new shutters to the windows along the front of your house can also help update its appearance and create a welcoming feel. 

Upgrading your landscaping by adding a walkway and attractive plantings can also help boost curb appeal. Make sure there are no major obstacles to your home's entryway, and that it is well lit. Explore lighting options like solar fixtures which can be added fairly easily to your landscape. 

Replace Outdated Fixtures

If your house is more than five or ten years old, chances are your fixtures are outdated. Adding new faucets to the kitchen and bathrooms is a fairly quick and inexpensive swap that can make a huge difference in appearance for your house. When you are shopping for fixtures, look for ones in stylish finishes like brushed nickel, burnished bronze, and matte black to really make them stand out. If the sinks are chipped and worn or the toilets outdated and inefficient, then this may also be a good time to replace them with new ones. 

These rooms can benefit from updated cabinet hardware, too. If you aren't changing out cabinets, then look for pulls and handles that match up with existing holes to help keep it simple. 

Add Outdoor Living Spaces

Many families turn to the outdoors for entertaining and recreation. Does your yard offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor living? Think about adding a deck to the backyard, or even an upscale stone patio. Make sure you plan enough space for outdoor furniture and cooking tools.

Speaking of cooking tools, why not carve out some space in your new addition for an outdoor kitchen. Custom grills, sinks, serving areas, and storage can all make the new space much more user-friendly and very liveable. It can help make your home seem larger, without actually adding any indoor space. 

Adding a heat source to the space can really up its value and extend its use into cooler weather. Firepits and propane heaters can be purchased ready to use or you can have custom models installed to match your new patio. 

Update Flooring

One addition that can generate a serious return on investment is updated flooring. Look to new hardwood options or refinish existing wood floors to brighten and modernize rooms. If you are replacing floors, look at adding radiant heating under the new ones. This can be a nice bonus, especially in colder climates. 

While there are many additions you can make to your home, not all of them will add to its value. Look for changes that offer a good return on your investment, or that can be done relatively quickly and easily. 

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