Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Boosting your home’s curb appeal is an important part of taking care of your home and adding value. Whether you want to sell your home or not, taking care of its exterior is just as important as the interior. Guests as well as potential buyers will draw conclusions about your house based on its appearance from the street. This curb appeal helps your residence make a good first impression. Here are some ideas for making your place look more appealing.

Give it a Wash

A simple clean is a great way to improve curb appeal. Dirty exteriors give the impression that your house is not well maintained. Pressure washing can turn back the hands of time by removing grime, mold and other dirt, making your home look brand new. Not only is this good for your home, but it’s also recommended for your driveway, sidewalks and walkways. Even if you plan to paint your home, a thorough cleansing will help your paint job last longer.

Replace Fixtures

Updating old external fixtures go a long way to restore your house’s appearance. Items such as door handles, outdoor lighting, window trimming and even house address numbers can be easily replaced for a quick boost to curb appeal. Many of these projects are affordable and make for great do-it-yourself projects that can be done in a few hours or as part of a larger weekend project.

Fresh Paint

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is what you need to breathe new life into your home’s exterior. A new paint job can be a great way to refresh a dated color combination or chipped/cracked paint. You may find that you don’t need to repaint the entire house. Repainting the trim or front door or window shutters gives you a much-needed pop of color that improves the building’s visual appeal to buyers and passersby.

Hardscape Improvements

Hardscape includes the paved areas, driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls and other landscaping elements made of materials such as wood, stone and concrete. These elements of your front yard can mar the appearance of your home if they’re old, dirty and in disrepair. Consider replacing an old walkway with stone or concrete pavers for visual appeal. Has your driveway buckled or warped? Repairing the paved concrete sections in front make your home look more inviting. Consult a provider of advanced concrete protection to explore ways to keep your hardscape areas looking their best.

A Touch of Green

Easy landscaping embellishments also improve curb appeal. Including planter boxes and beautiful potted plants or flowers makes your house appear more inviting and cared for. This relatively inexpensive approach also offers flexibility in your schedule since you don’t have to wait for the spring or summer to work on this project. Additionally, the containers you use also give you options for color, shape and texture to complement your home’s appearance.

You’ve Got Mail

An old, outdated mailbox can really harsh the vibe of your home’s exterior. Switching it out with something more modern and stylish, not only makes a big impact, but it’s also relatively simple to tackle. Check with your homeowners’ association (HOA) to see if there are specific rules that apply. The amount of money you spend will depend on the type of mailbox you have. Whether it’s a standing mailbox or one that’s affixed to a wall, you can spend anywhere from $50 to $200 to replace.

Lawn Maintenance

This probably seems super obvious, but lawn care is a major part of keeping up your home’s curb appeal. A front lawn that is overgrown with grass and weeds looks unkempt, making your house look neglected. Make sure your grass is regularly cut with trimmed edges. Irrigate regularly to keep your lawn looking lush and verdant.

When it comes to wise home improvements, especially ahead of listing a house for sale, these simple upgrades offer the best bang for your buck. They are generally affordable and can be completed in a short amount of time. Potential buyers may dismiss your home based on its appearance from the street. Improve your chances of a good sale by raising its curb appeal.

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