A Fixer-Upper As Real Estate Investment

Written by Posted On Monday, 02 December 2019 22:05

If you are currently a prospective buyer in the international real estate game, it goes without saying that there is a literal world of opportunities for you to buy into real estate anywhere that your heart desires. From considering property valuations in Dubai to buying a villa in Indonesia, and everywhere in between and beyond, real estate is a game that spans the globe. As a prospective real estate buyer, it can be overwhelming – especially if you are not necessarily sure what or where you want to buy into real estate.

You will likely get a lot of advice during the time that you are considering investing in real estate, but perhaps one of the best pieces of advice you are ever likely to get considering this aspect of life, is to seriously consider buying a fixer-upper piece of real estate rather than a brand new property. You might ask why this is such a great piece of advice. It is a fair question. There are several reasons why choosing to invest in a fixer-upper real estate property is such a great decision.

You have complete creative control

When you purchase a property that needs some attention, you have complete creative control to essentially start from scratch and create the home of your dreams. Of course, this is possible when you buy a brand-new property, but it is far easier (generally speaking, of course) to start from the bottom and work your way up, than it is to start from the top and have to take down parts of the home that are still in considerably position condition, to create the vision of your dream home that you want to bring to life.

You well and truly earn the finished product

There is something special and unique to be said about the positive feeling of taking a step back at the end of the renovation process and reaping the rewards. At the end of a fixer-upper project, there is nothing quite like taking a step back and appreciating every single inch of the vision that you see before you. Of course, you appreciate your home regardless of if you have built it with your own two hands, but there is no denying that the feeling of seeing the home you envisioned in your mind coming to life because you created it from the ground up, is absolutely spectacular, unparalleled in any way.

If you have added value to it, you can sell it for more

One of the best reasons to buy a fixer-upper property is the potential for future earnings if you do indeed decide to sell it down the track. When you buy a property that is in disrepair or otherwise in need of some renovations and work on turning those weak points into shining highlights, you can enjoy it for yourself and be confident in the knowledge that if you decide to sell later down the track at a good time in the real estate market, you will make more money than you bought and invested into the real estate property when you initially bought it.

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Craig Lebrau

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