How Security Screens Secure Your Home from Break Ins

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Deemed a necessity by Australian homeowners across the country, security screens are a home security investment almost everyone has installed to their properties nowadays. Not only do these simple yet effective structures promise to add value to your home, but they are also excellent for saving on energy costs through allowing natural air ventilation, whilst simultaneously preventing pests from infiltrating your home. This is especially important here in Australia, where our summers can get uncomfortably hot and often bring pesky swarms of annoying bugs and insects with them. 

The aforementioned benefits contribute further towards the functionality of security screens. First and foremost, however, security screens are built and installed to provide exactly what it describes in the name- security.  Read on to discover how getting security screens for your home in Mandurah, Rockingham, or any of the surrounding suburbs can contribute greatly towards securing your home from a break in. 


Deters Intruders

Your property is only going to be deemed an easy target by intruders if it appears as if you don’t value the importance of home security. Old, tattered and broken screens over doors and windows are only going to encourage the attempts of thieves and burglars, so if you want to deter such activities from occurring on your property, you should work to invest in well manufactured and sturdy looking products that can successfully make a strong impression on passers-by. 


Puts Up a Strong Fight

Aluminium and stainless steel are two of the most common materials used in the manufacture of security screens. These materials wouldn’t be chosen for such an important purpose if they hadn’t already proven their strength and their ability to put up a tough fight. Security screens are designed in such a way that maximises their durability and ability to resist the harsh and desperate efforts of thieves. It’s likely that potential intruders are going to have to make a considerable amount of racket and put in a great amount of force to make any progress in getting through your reinforced doors and windows. Of course, such attempts are only going to alert you or neighbours in the area to all the commotion, compromising their whole operation in the process. 


Built to High Standards

As specified by Standards Australia, Australian Standards AS 5096-2008 must be met in order to classify legitimate security screen doors and window grilles. Such requirements involve the need to perform and pass a variety of tests including the knife shear test, dynamic impact test and jemmy test, all of which test the security screen for resistance against strong kicking, knife attacks, lever attacks, among other methods of forced entry. All security screens offered on the market with such certifications are ensured to provide the vulnerable entry points of your home with the highest level of protection it needs to withstand the attempts of a break in. 

diamond grille security screens


Long Lasting Protection

Longevity is one of the most important things to look for in a home security solution- and with security screens, you can rest assured knowing that your property is going to gain sufficient protection for many more years coming into the future. The materials used in the manufacture of security screens, aluminium and stainless steel, are chosen for their ability to withstand the tests of time provide superior resistance against everything from break-in attempts to harsh weather conditions over a vast number of years. With this in mind, security screens prove as an even worthier investment for securing your home against break ins.  


Delivers Privacy

Privacy also plays a considerable role in reducing the risk of experiencing a break in, and one of the best ways to ensure your household receives the level of privacy they deserve to enjoy is by opting for security screens featuring one-way vision mesh. This particular type of mesh is great for use in security screens for doors and windows, as it provides people on the inside of your home with clear views looking to the outside world, whilst preventing strangers on the outside of your home from peering in and checking out all your precious belongings and personal affairs. Such a product is sure to contribute towards lowering the possibility of a break in on your property, as you won’t have to worry about passers-by gaining sight of certain valuable objects in your home and developing any bad ideas.    

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