Rainproof Your Home for this Coming Rainy Season

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Rainproof Your Home for this Coming Rainy Season


You live in California, The weather is pretty awesome- most of the time. We don’t get much snow, and our idea of dressing for the cold is a warm hoodie and sweatpants. Now that we’re cycling back into normal weather patterns – we should expect to see a bit of rain this year. Even if we don’t get the rain this year, it’s still good maintenance for your home. Let’s take a quick look at ways you can protect your home from the weather, without going into debt.
Clear the Gutters
One of your home’s best line of defense against the rain is your rain gutters. They can easily become clogged with leaves and debris, causing a water backup and eventual flooding. Dirty gutters also attract bugs and rodents. It’s a very good idea to check and clean them at least twice a year. And make sure your downspouts lead at least 6-8 feet away from your property. 

Dirt to Wall Contact
Look all around your house, almost every home built in the 50’s, to 70’s have some sort of contact with dirt and walls. It’s just normal. Why you should be aware – the moisture in the dirt, wicks up the walls into the wood structure inside. Eventually it will invite termites, and other moisture issues like “MOLD” There’s a few different ways to take care of this. One scrape the dirt away and make a trough so that the water flows away from the foundation. Two is to raise your wall by cutting the stucco about 6 inches above the soil line. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. 

Fill Cracks
Look all around your house, especially around windows and crawl spaces. If you find cracks, fill them with caulk.

Trim Your Trees
Overgrown trees can be a risk to your roof and windows, but they can also redirect water in places you don’t want it to go. Not only that, overgrown trees can clog your gutters.

Clear At-Risk Spots
If you get occasional flooding in a garage, make sure there is no carpet. Replace cardboard boxes with waterproof boxes. Or put your stuff up on shelves to keep moisture away.
Use Sandbags
Most people who don’t live here don’t realize we have a lot of hills and mountains so if you in a hilly area, you can still get some flooding, one of the most low-tech solutions is still one of the best, sandbags. Fill up some sandbags (you can go to your water company) and use them as a wall against water.
Invest in Fans
Circulation is one of the best defenses against mold. You don’t have to have leaking water to attract mold. All it takes is moisture and no circulation. A fan can help. On a warmer day, open windows and doors help too, weather permitting.

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