10 Things That Will Put People Off Buying Your Property

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 26 February 2020 18:55

Even if you have the perfect home in the most ideal location, it doesn’t mean you have the upper hand when it comes to the property market. There are still factors that can put people off buying your home. We’ve found 10 common gripes that people have when visiting your home that could put them off buying. These should be avoided if you want to get the best price for your property.

Old Fixtures

Outdated and old fixtures really turn buyers off. Someone will be much more willing to hand over more cash if the home is fitted with modern fixtures. Lighting, ovens, fans and dishwashers are all part of this.

Unwanted Smells

Many buyers don’t want to smell pets when they visit a potential new home. Clear away any of your pets things and make sure they are not around when anyone comes to visit. Buyers can be allergic to pet hair or allergic to the chemicals in air fresheners. Always present your property in the freshest way possible.

Dirt and Pest Problems

Nothing will put buyers off more than a home that is dirty. Upon inspection of a property it can soon become clear if the home is dirty. Pest Exterminators, a pest specialist in Essex tell us that it can be even worse if there are visible signs of pest droppings. In a potential buyers mind, this will probably indicate that the property hasn’t been looked after and may need extensive repairs.

Bad First Impressions

Many potential buyers will actually do a drive-by of the home before they visit it. If a property has bad curb appeal, it’s unlikely they will even want to look inside. Try to keep the outside of your Essex home looking as good as the inside to entice buyers.

Cluttered Rooms

What seems homely to you could come across as clutter to others. Buyers want to see the available space, so clearing out your rooms and de-cluttering can increase the chances of selling your home.

Poorly Lit Properties

Homes that have little natural light will turn buyers off. Try to let in as much natural light as possible when buyers come to visit to show the properties potential.

Temperature Problems

How a property feels is a big part of making the decision to buy it. If the temperature isn’t right then this calls into question the heating system of the house. Try to keep your home a comfortable temperature when Essex buyers are viewing your house.

Stains and Damp

A buyer that spots a stain or damp patch anywhere in a property will be instantly put off. Have these taken care of before the house hits the market, or make sure there is a plan in place that you can tell buyers about if you’re in a rush to sell.

Your Presence

Some buyers will be put off if the current home owners are still there during the visit. Many estate agents will insist your home be open for visits when you are not there.

Leaving Personal Items Out

The less the home feels like you, the better. It’s very distracting for buyers to be bombarded by family photos and personal effects. Depersonalising your property can actually go a long way toward making that sale.

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