Factors to Consider Before Buying Land

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You are determined to buy land, you’ve chosen a piece of land to buy but you haven’t made the step of buying it yet. Check out if you’ve considered all of these factors well and then you’ll be ready to make the deal.

Factor one – the soil.

The first thing that has to be done before buying a piece of land is a test of the soil. Such a test determines potential toxicities, pH level of the soil, acidity, presence or absence of non-essential trace minerals, fertility etc. You can either call professionals to make the test for you or, if you have time and will, you could do it yourself. Take a hand full of moist soil and squeeze it. That is the easiest way to determine which type of soil is there. If the soil keeps its shape after you open your hand and when you touch it crumbles, that means the soil is loamy, which is the best type you can get. If it keeps its shape after you open your hand, but when you touch it, it stays that way, it means the soil is nutrient rich and slow draining (called clay soil). And if the soil crumbles in your hand as soon as you open it, then the soil is sandy. What you should also test is the drainage of the soil. Dig a deep hole, fill it with water and check in four hours if the water drained. If it did it means the soil is good, if it didn’t it means the soil has poor drainage. Also check for earthworms, if there are some, then the soil is healthy. And the final test is for acidity level. What you should do is to buy a Ph test kid and fallow the instructions – they are thorough and explain what results you should get and whether there is or there is not a problem with the soil.

Factor two – utilities.

If you are going to need some on your land, you should check carefully if there is water source nearby. If there isn’t, find out whether you can dig water table or not. Make sure electricity is already established, because if it is not and you’re going to need it, you should think of some alternative ways of establishing one. Reconsider if you are willing to make these extra investments and is it worth doing them or you’d better choose another piece of land to buy.

Factor three – access to the land.

Are there roads about the land you’re considering to buy and who maintains them is an essential question. It’s advisable that you figure it out before you buy the land. It’s also good to know whether your neighbors have some rights to cross your future land or not, because if they do that may be very inconvenient for you. And you should also make sure that the boundaries of yours and your neighbors’ land are clearly marked in order to avoid future problems.

Factor four – seismic zone or not.

That factor is very important if you are about to build a house on the land you are about to buy. To check it out you should only read some information in the Internet about the area where the land is located and speak to some of the neighbors about the matter. Here you can find some more essential land buying tips.


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