How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

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I know what you're thinking. I must be CRAZY. As a Real Estate agent encouraging homeowners to sell their home without an agent. Well, I'm not encouraging it. But, I am a realist. And, I realize that selling a house takes money. And, if you want to save a buck, and you have the time on your hands, selling it yourself might be your answer. I'm not going to lie.  I have seen quite a few “FSBO’s” (aka, For Sale by Owners) sell their homes with no problem without a Realtor. But, I have also seen some come to me begging for help. But, if you have the dedication, time and optimism to go the FSBO route, then you MUST do these 5 things in order to get that home sold!

      You MUST Price to Sell

Throughout my years selling real estate, I have come to one conclusion. The majority of homeowners believe that their home is not only better than all the rest, but worth more than the market suggests. I agree that the local market only gives you a realistic starting point when it comes to price. Then, of course, any renovations, upgrades, etc. will ultimately contribute to what a potential buyer will be willing to pay for the home.

First and foremost, a homeowner needs to come up with a number in their head (after mortgage payoffs, closing costs, repairs, etc) that they need to at least get for the home without them being under water.  I can send you a Net to Seller Sheet  that will help you determine this necessary number. Unless this number is realistic in today’s market, then you may want to wait until values increase.  This leads to the research part of this equation.

Next, use the internet to determine what comparable homes are selling for in your neighborhood.  There are sites that will help you understand what’s selling and for what. You can go to  to request a FREE Property Valuation sent to your email.

Then,  I tell homeowners to sit down and make a list of all the upgrades/renovations made to the home before and while they have been owners to determine how that will increase the value compared to the neighbor’s homes.  Click here to view a national average of home improvements values.

You must remember, you are pricing to sell. In order to do this, the price needs to be realistic.

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You Must Prepare Your Home to List

This one is pretty common sense. Get those kids scrubbing the floors…the hubby cleaning out the garage….and the whole family painting over that Pinterest-Inspired wall mural in the kitchen. Make sure your home is immaculate (or, as close as it can get). For ideas on how to get your home ready to put on the market, click here.

You Must Market Your Property Like a PRO 

As a Sales/Marketing major in school, I was constantly reminded about how important marketing is when it comes to selling a product. How can you sell something if nobody knows it exists? Hmmmmmm. So, this step of the selling process is super important when it comes to selling real estate. First, there needs to be a sign in the yard. Duh. Then, you need to get that home ALL over the internet. I’m talking Craigslist, local classifieds, on blogs, on local websites. You want that bad boy all over the web. Next, brochures can help, but, I encourage FSBO’s to stick with the internet. Create a blog or website for your home that will give the potential buyer all of the information. Create one of those smart phone QR things that people can scan while they drive buy. Also, word-of-mouth is HUGE in this category. Tell EVERYBODY. The grocery bag-boy, the bus driver, the nosy neighbor down the street (especially her) that you are selling your home. Call up the homeowners association if you have one and let them know. The options to get the word out are endless. Just make sure people are aware that you are selling.

You Must Be READY to Show Your HOME 

If you ask most Realtors out there, they will tell you that open houses are a waste of time. Well, I beg to differ. Last summer, I sold the majority of my listings at the open house. You just have to make sure that people know when and where it is. This ties back to the marketing aspect.

So, you've had your open house and now you are somewhat familiar with showing your home. Well, this is what you need to become a pro at. Know how to show the home without making the potential buyers feel uncomfortable. Don’t get personal. Remember, home buyers don't care where your son took his first step or your daughter made her poopsie. Make sure to point out all of the selling points (upgrades and just awesome things about the home). Lastly, let them walk through the home by themselves before they leave. This gives them a chance to really check it out and discuss it in private. If you feel comfortable that is.

You Must Learn HOW to Negotiate and Seal the Deal 

So, you've shown your home and somebody wants to make an offer. That’s AWESOME! But, now what do you do?  You can verbally negotiate the contract until you’re blue in the face. But, ultimately, you will need to eventually get everything in writing. This is where contracts come in. In order to get a legal contract in your hands, you will have to contact a real estate attorney to write one up for you. This, of course will cost a buck or two. Or, some Realtors will do this for you for a flat fee.

There it is. You have your signed contract in all of its glory. Now what? Well, if the buyers have an agent or this isn’t their first rodeo, then they will have an inspector come in and send you a report and a request for repairs. Then, negotiations will begin again. After everybody is happy, a closing date will be set in stone. 

Yay! You did it! You sold your home yourself!!! BRAVO!  

But, don’t start packing yet. The buyer’s loan has to go through and of course, they have to put their Hancock on that Bible of papers at the closing table.  I encourage FSBO’s to not consider it sold until that happens. 

As most Realtors will tell you, there is a way to sell your home yourself. If you have the time, the upfront money to market the property and acquire contracts, the ambition, patience and optimisim to do it yourself….I say…”do it!” Like I said earlier, I admire the entrepreneur in everybody.

But, if you just don’t have the time and resources….or, you try to sell it and just feel like nothing’s happening….then, I suggest listing it with a Realtor. Many agents, including myself, have different commission plans that can work for your budget. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in selling and would like to view my commission options. Or, you can click here to have a local expert Realtor contact you in your area. 

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