7 Tiny Bathroom Tips Worthy of The Small Home Movement

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 January 2016 10:26

If there’s one thing many homeowners can’t abide, it’s a small, functionless washroom. These days, people have many different options when it comes to getting the most out of their tiny spaces and, thanks the Internet, no shortage of inspiration, how-to guides, and great tips.


Because there are things that no washroom can be without (namely a toilet, vanity, and a shower/bathtub), much of the real estate is largely spoken for before you can even think about re-organizing this space for efficiency.


7. Install a Corner Sink

Depending on the location of your toilet and shower, a corner sink can do wonders for giving your washroom more space in which to move around. Many tiny washrooms can’t support a full vanity; this lack of under sink storage can lead to further frustration. Corner sinks allow you to make use of an often underutilized space in your washroom. If you’re typically a DIY-er, this might be a job best left for a qualified plumber; the last thing you’ll want is to call one in for an emergency drain or pipe repair.


6. Install a Floating Vanity

The benefits to installing a floating vanity are two-fold. The first of course being the unique aesthetic it will lend to your washroom. Secondly, depending on the height at which you choose to install it, a floating vanity can open up quite a bit of storage space beneath it.


5. Extend Counter Space

If your sink resides next to the toilet, consider extending the sink to occupy the unused space above the toilet. While functional, this can also be an excellent opportunity to add style to your washroom. Try using contrasting materials (thin porcelain sink meets reclaimed barn wood) and really make this a unique focal point.


4. Replace Your Shower Door/Curtain With a Glass Panel

More than anything, swapping out your cumbersome shower door or dated shower curtain with a sleek glass panel will certainly create the illusion of more space.


3. Don’t Mount the Towel Rack on the Wall

In tiny washrooms, in-use towels take up a lot of room. Consider mounting your towel rack to the back of the washroom door instead of the wall and keep that space free for things like additional shelving. The back of the washroom door is one of the least utilized surfaces in your washroom.


2. Baskets

Baskets are a useful and stylish way to store towels and toiletries, but unless they are stackable, you won’t be getting the most out of your shelf space.


1. Choose a Low Profile Toilet

Not only do low profile toilets offer modern style, they also create additional space above the fixture. Moving away from a conventional toilet and their bulky tanks can help a tiny washroom looked less cramped.


Remember, it’s not how much space you have, but rather what you choose to do with it. In addition to updating old, bulky fixtures to sleeker ones and cleverly positioning, give due consideration to the color palette and any opportunity to increase the amount of natural light. These are also great ways to give the appearance that your washroom is larger than it is.


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