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Helpful Real Estate Articles Helpful Real Estate Articles

Real Estate Articles to Help Buyers, Sellers & Realtors

Every month there are countless great articles that deserve more exposure because of how helpful they are to home buyers or sellers. Here are six such real estate articles that are worth a peak. Each of these posts explain something about buying or selling a home you can use.

How Does a Right of First Refusal Work

If you are going to be buying or selling real estate sometime in the near future it is quite possible you will hear the term right of first refusal. You may be scratching your head right now thinking what the heck is a right of first refusal and how does it work? Quite simply a right of first refusal give a buyer first dibs to purchase a home. Here is an example of what I mean. You have your home listed for sale and a buyer comes along who absolutely loves it. The problem is they don't have their home on the market so they are not in a position to buy yet. They may in fact be able to purchase without selling but are not quite sure they want to do that.

The buyer could ask for what is known as a right of first refusal or kick out clause. This simply means they would have first crack to move forward at agreed upon terms when and if another buyer comes along who puts forth an offer. There are usually stipulations on how the right of first refusal will work. Take a look at the article referenced above for a complete explanation of a right of first refusal including both the pros and cons.

How to Make The Home Buying Process Easier

Buying a home for the first time can be a very exciting time in ones life. You may be getting out of your parents home or possible an apartment. Buying your first piece of property takes on a whole new set of responsibilities. While all of this can be great to think about it is certainly easy to make mistakes if you are not well prepared for this reason it is always wise to review smart things to do before buying a first home. The biggest place where many buyers go wrong is financially preparing themselves for such a big step. In the referenced article you will see 6 smart tips for making the home buying process go a lot smoother including getting your financial house in order before you even step foot in a home. This is just one of five more great tips all first time home buyers should consider.

Why Have a Real Estate Blog

This is for those Realtors who are reading write now and are wondering if they should start a blog. My advice would be absolutely if you like writing and feel like you have the time to invest. While you have probably heard the saying content is king where most real estate agents who have a blog go wrong is not spending enough time on promotional efforts. There are a lot of fish in a very large see when it comes to writing about real estate. Blogging for real estate business takes a concerted effort on your part to become more visible. Content alone will not get you to the pinnacle of where you need to be to earn serious money for your blogging efforts. In the article you will see actionable tips on how to see some awesome traffic to your site. A review of how to make social media work for you is covered in depth.

How to Sell a Home in The Winter

There are a lot of people who incorrectly believe that selling a home in the winter is very difficult. This is in fact is just not true. Selling during any season is more about market conditions than anything else. There are lots of people who are having great success right now selling a home in the winter due to how low inventory happens to be. There are always buyers that need a home. When there is low inventory those home owners who have their property on the market benefit from far less competition. Rochester Real Estate agent Kyle Hiscock tackles this exact issue in his article providing winter home selling advice. Take a look at some of Kyle's smart winter home selling tips - you will be glad you did!

How to Remove Private Mortgage Insurance

Most people do not enjoy paying anymore money for something than they have to especially when it offers no benefit. One such instance applies to those home buyers who put less than a 20 percent down payment. Those borrowers are required to pay what is called private mortgage insurance or PMI. As a home owner you can have your PMI dropped as soon as you can to an 80 percent equity threshold. For this reason many folks will ask when they can stop paying private mortgage insurance. Take a look at the reference to see when you can stop paying your PMI and needlessly throwing money down the drain!

Best Article Compilations

Every month one talented writer is selected to share some of the best real estate content found on the Google Plus social media platform. This individual hand selects some of the best real estate articles written over the previous month. Here is the best of Google+ Real Estate for January 2016. Take a look at these 8 talented real estate experts who are highlighted in the article. There are eight great topics discussed all worth a look if you enjoy reading about real estate.

Each of these six article is packed with great information. Take a look at the ones that look interesting to you and please consider sharing socially if you enjoy them!

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