Ever Heard of a Good Mess? Start a Collection, Rent Self Storage

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It is surprising just how much stuff the average family collects over the years, and try as you might, it just keeps growing. Often, it is only when we move house that we realise how much we have collected over the years, and deciding what to throw away is always so difficult. Things ultimately do have a use, so the problem is where to store it all? The answer is relatively simple, you don’t have to give anything away, or hold a boot sale, as you can rent some storage space.

Modern Storage Facilities

The storage business has come a long way in the past few decades, and the modern storage facility is fully equipped to provide the right type of storage for a multitude of reasons. Self-storage facilities are open round the clock, and with full security, your valuables are always monitored. Many small businesses need temporary storage for stock, while self-storage also gives the homeowner that extra space to keep items that are rarely used. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for the right storage space, Perth Metro Storage are the people to talk to, with open and closed space for short or long term rent.

A Range of Sizes

You might need a place to store business documents, and a small space would suffice, or it might be you are about to redecorate the master bedroom and you need somewhere to put the entire contents of the bedroom for a few days, while you set about the redecoration. The vintage car you are restoring cannot be left outside the home, and a lock up storage unit is ideal, as it also allows you to work on the vehicle in the dry. There are even outside lots available, for storing boats and vehicles, and with a friendly service, your valuables are always accessible, day or night.


People are reluctant to give things away, especially if the item in question is still useful, and when looking for extra space at home, how often do we actually throw anything away? Not very often. Of course, most things do have a use, and there will come a time when you will need that item, so instead of selling it or giving it away, simply rent some storage space, and you can use it anytime.

Preparing for a Move

Many people decide to relocate to a larger property, as the growing family demands a larger living space, and if this is something you are planning, take some time and start to prepare rarely used items by storing them until the move day arrives. This enables your home to remain uncluttered, as you arrange for the removal people to arrive, and with a lot of the items safely in storage, the removal team can collect it all on the final leg.


Self-storage facilities offer the homeowner valuable extra space, and with full security and round the clock access, it is the ideal solution for storing many items that are just in the way at home.

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