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Are You Ready to Succeed Virtually?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 25 August 2020 05:00

Are you ready to get the listing and do everything required—virtually?

To win over a seller and get the listing and then accomplish much more, there is one key question to continue answering successfully:

Can you make your point with clear, fresh relevance regardless of the medium involved?

Pre-Covid, most of your successful listing presentations were probably face to face. You perfected the graphic and collateral tools necessary to make your winning points: why sell now, why my brokerage, why me, how will we succeed.

Those key points must still be made, but how they resonate with sellers may have changed. Online video and virtual presentations are replacing traditional face-to-face “around the table” meetings.  

Even during the pandemic, things keep changing

There are more issues, more technology advances, more client choices, more controversial views, more distractions, more volatility in pricing…. How do you keep on top of our ever-changing world? Updating expertise involves re-examining everything in new and continually-evolving contexts. Merely adding references to the latest technology or news flash is not going to be enough to impress a seller who is also dealing with the same “distancing” and “pandemic” issues.

How did you build depth and relevance in marketing, branding, and promotion before the pandemic? Which changes have you made now to keep up-to-date, transform your expertise to digital, and stay ahead of the pack?

# 1. Unknowing is just as important as acquiring new information and skills.

Unknowing, that is letting go of out-dated techniques and ideas, takes conscious effort, is essential to achieve lasting improvement. Continually-evolving technology has made continuing education even more crucial. Both take place at the speed of digital change, so quick thinking, creative strategizing, and analytic strengths are essential. These skills and related core professional knowledge must be regularly refreshed and upgraded to enable assimilation of change into client services and results, as well as into marketing and communication.

Too often, the “at your fingertips” immediacy of the internet and smartphones make continuing education programs seem easy to ignore. Doesn’t an online search or two make anyone an expert? Isn’t reading up-dates piped onto your phone screen enough to inform you of what is really going on?

Action: Build on your strengths. Which advantages do you have in this market and in dealing with the constraints of the pandemic? Dig into the treasure trove of free and donated education programs offered online by digital experts and professionals to help those determined to come out of this tough time stronger. Open yourself up to new ways of thinking and doing. Embrace this new virtual approach to real estate as an improvement that can overcome the challenges that face those intent on selling their real estate for the best price, in the shortest time, with the minimum of hassles in the midst of a pandemic.

#2. Raise your standards and stick to your ethics.

If you present yourself as a real estate professional or a local expert, ensure that you genuinely epitomize the leading edge. Disparaging colleagues or your industry to promote yourself or your brokerage during a listing presentation or any communication with the public may backfire. At best, you’ll be quoted in this dangerous context, which may undermine your credibility with sellers. At worst, you may find yourself at the center of damaging controversy, online or off.

Surveys reveal that professionals in many industries have concerns about the level of professionalism with which standards and practices are applied in their field. This concern stems from beliefs that the level of professional knowledge and expertise within their industry appears to be slipping below acceptable levels. The uncertain economy ahead will only aggravate these issues. How are you preparing to support seller clients if tough times materialize to challenge seller plans and returns?

Action: Raise your standards. The shift online has brought video and virtual events to the forefront. Aim to ensure your evolving skills and creativity exceed what you achieved when face-to-face was the essential format. A virtual home tour with your direction and visual clues may be more effective than an actual visit. How can you make that happen?

A virtual offer presentation should be as comfortable and productive for the seller as a “sitting around the table” presentation. Make sellers and prospective buyers as comfortable with video and virtual approaches as possible. Keep asking for feedback and acting on it.

#3. Reach out to engage target buyers for the best results.

Engaging through social media does not mean you understand how to effectively communicate your message and that of sellers to qualified, target buyers. Effective targeting is essential to successfully marketing listings. How have you moved this function online to connect with qualified buyers?

If your thinking is unconsciously-grounded in dated stereotypes, biases, and misunderstandings, how can you consciously resolve 21st-Century problems for sellers? For instance, if your out-dated views on “too young” or “too old” dictate how you deliver services or advise clients, how relevant are your views? If you cannot state openly what you want to achieve for clients and why, maybe your message is in the wrong digital place. 

Action: Engage communication professionals to help you move your marketing and listing efforts online and into virtual territory.

You are a real estate professional, which is a demanding occupation.

• If you have only started to fully embrace technology since the pandemic began, dig deep, invest in professional support, and create your powerful path to effective communication
• If you are a competent social media and video amateur, engage professional polish to consistently make your point and ensure it stands out.

Search out digital marketers, videographers, and online producers who share your extreme-service-excellence standards and who can contribute the communication expertise necessary to attract qualified buyers to sellers listings.

You know that social media, texting, and online everything can facilitate communication. Do you consciously work to ensure they combine open, easy access with genuine interest in exchanging ideas, information, and almost everything else.

Traditional communication efforts concentrated on getting your name in print in any context. Now, marketing and public relation practices are tied to keeping your name off the internet in any but the best contexts.

Your goal is to serve sellers by earning their trust and conviction that you can list their real estate and help them battle their worries and fears to realize their hopes and dreams. To achieve this, adapt to evolving communication patterns and methods without lowering your standards—in fact, keep raising them!

Consider these new approaches as improvements and your communication efforts will materialize as better ways to make your point and achieve client goals.

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