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Giving a Home a Rustic Feel

Written by Posted On Friday, 14 April 2017 20:56
Giving a Home a Rustic Feel Giving a Home a Rustic Feel Giving a Home a Rustic Feel

When you’re getting ready to buy a new home and you are actively searching the market, it’s not likely that you’re considering homes with an older look and feel or those that resemble your favorite ski lodge. However, with just the right fixtures, you can bring old, traditional charm to a home with modern features and enjoy the best of both worlds. Through a well-chosen selection of lighting, furniture and fans all following a rustic aesthetic, you’ll place yourself in a space that transcends your favorite vacation spot to one that is homely and uniquely yours.

Start with the Right Lighting 

It’s no doubt that a proper amount of lighting is needed for any home, young or old. But your selection of light fixtures also play into the personality of the home and can significantly define it as rustic or lodge. Wall sconces featuring wood tones and old Edison style bulbs immediately declare a room as rustic. Likewise, wrought iron chandeliers and pendant lighting like those from Hubbardton Forge also make this same decorating statement. You may also want to consider your portable lighting options like a well-positioned pair of table lamps or a large floor lamp occupying an empty corner of the living room. And be sure to check out the styles of outdoor lighting you need. Outdoor fixtures, including porch sconces, flushmounts and even weather-friendly chandeliers create an immediate welcome before guests even reach the front door.

Cool Off with A Ceiling Fan

Another aspect of creating a well-designed home following a certain aesthetic is to introduce a rustic ceiling fan. Not only does a ceiling fan provide a much-needed cool breeze for the interior of home, it will also contribute to the overall personality. Wood blades, metallic finishes and generally darker tones make a fan fit for a rustic look. You can even find fans to use outside of the home like in a patio or covered deck area. Just be sure to double check that the fan is safely rated for outdoor use where it can be exposed to rain or snow.

Furniture is Key Too

As you are checking out potential homes you would like to live in, you’ll likely come across staged furniture to make the home look complete and move-in ready. While this is a nice touch that real estate experts encourage, you’ll need to try to picture the home without the furniture. Further, to complete a rustic aesthetic and bring the home’s personality full-circle, you’ll want to consider what types of lodge-like furniture you would eventually want to add to the home. This could mean a hardwood coffee table, a wrought iron kitchen or dining table, wood chairs and more. If you can try your best to picture the exact furniture pieces you would want in the home, you’ll have a much easier time finding the perfect house.

Expert Tip

“Time and time again, potential buyers get lost in the big picture,”according longtime Sarasota real estate agent, Lynne Koy:

“It’s important to look at the bigger ticket items like the roofing, the landscaping and the permanent appliances, but you also want to remember the smaller details. For instance, if you want your new home to look like your favorite cabin, take the time to picture it with all of the little pieces you would want to see in the home. You can even ask your realtor if it’s okay to bring smaller accent items into the home with you just to see if they will be the right fit for the home and if the home is the right fit for them. Don’t be afraid want your exact style – be it mid-century, rustic or contemporary – and be sure to communicate this with your agent. He/she will then know to keep an eye out for the available homes that will be a better match for your exact tastes.”

Once you’re ready to find the perfect new home, find what resonates with you. Considering a home is a large investment for most, you’ll want to find exactly what you want. Whether that comes down to a specific look or to the permanent fixtures in the home, you’ll need to be considerate of it all. Hopefully this helps as a quick take on transforming a space you have found into one that will be boasting with rustic charm!

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