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Real Estate Tech: 4 Useful Devices Realtors are Using to Help Sell Homes

Written by Posted On Friday, 14 July 2017 15:36

Real estate, just like any other industry, has been affected by technology. To be successful in today's real estate markets, realtors have to embrace technology rather than shying away from it. Here are four useful devices realtors are using to help them sell more homes.


Realtors were early adopters of cell phones because it gave them more flexibility and made them more available to their clients, but the smartphone was a game changer for those in the real estate industry. Now realtors can keep basically their entire office on a smartphone. In addition, they can use it for things like taking photos or video chats to allow clients to see a property when they might not be physically able to do so. Smartphones now also are used for unlocking lock boxes in many cities.


There are dozens or even hundreds of software apps out there that help realtors do their jobs better. These can do everything from helping agents manage their calendars and expenses to setting up their own video channels where they can post videos of homes and provide expert commentary to their clients and others. Apps also can help with things like taxes and compliance.

City Planning and Tech

Realtors can assist their clients about by informing them about changes in city planning and public administration. City employees responsible for city planning may have earned degrees in public administration or other areas of equal comparison. Also, many pieces of technology used by realtors change over the years, and they have to adapt. For instance, many realtors now use their smartphones to unlock a house that they’re showing.


One of the newest trends in the real estate industry is drone photos and videos of homes. Drones can capture a property in a way that regular photos and videos can't. Using drones to shoot overhead video and photos of a property can help potential buyers visualize how big it is, the layout of the property and the proximity of neighbors and amenities such as parks, schools, and shopping. Most realtors work with a professional drone company, although some enterprising realtors can go through training to learn how to use a drone themselves to shoot usable footage for their clients.

Smart Home Devices

More and more homes are using smart technology, and realtors can use that technology to help them in the sales process. For example, when selling a home for a client that has already moved away, the realtor can tap into the home's smart systems to manage climate control, the sprinkler system and security. This can save time and money for both realtor and client.

There are a number of tech tools that are revolutionizing the real estate industry. Smart agents are learning how to use these tools to their advantage to better serve their clients and boost their sales. The key is to use the tools correctly to gain the most advantage.

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Rachelle Wilber

Rachelle Wilber is a former real estate agent now turned freelance writer that specializes in home realty, mortgage, and building. She graduated from San Diego State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

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