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How Should Families Financially Prep for Extra Repairs When Moving?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 09 November 2017 22:36

The hidden costs of home ownership are no surprise to any homeowner, but the unexpected headaches, expenses and emergency repairs that arise during a move can add unwelcome stress to an already hectic time. While no one likes realizing that a repair is needed, steps can be taken to alleviate the costs and unpleasant surprises we sometimes incur. Read on to learn how to best prepare and anticipate needs when you’re ready to move.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs and Fixes

Normal wear and tear in a home is inevitable and most basic repairs can be handled with some general know-how, tools you already own and a trip or two to the hardware store. In order to budget for these fixes, plan ahead. Start a few months in advance or when you first know you’re moving and make a list of what you know you must do. Then, go room by room and note cosmetic updates and minor repairs needed, as well as what you’ll need to buy or do. Many home repairs are affordable and some products serve multiple purposes, minimizing the need to buy additional products. A little attention to seemingly minor issues ahead of time will help ease the stress that comes with packing and moving.

Professionals Needed for More In-Depth Restoration

While do-it-yourselfers can take on a number of repairs prior to a move, there are inevitably some issues that call for a professional. When a home needs electrical or plumbing repairs, upgrades or overhauls, it’s imperative that a licensed professional is involved.

Other Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues aren’t just limited to clogged drains and burst pipes. New water heaters, including tankless versions, repiping of old and inadequate plumbing lines and kitchen renovation are just some of the services that a plumber can provide. Additionally, plumbers, like those at Knights Plumbing & Drain, can advise on lifestyle and safety features, such as water filtration and softener systems and gas line leaks and repairs. These preventative services can pay dividends later as they are less costly than emergency repairs and make a home more attractive to potential buyers or renters.

As with any major life event, some foresight and planning go a long way in making a move as seamless as possible. When it’s time to move, tap into your creative side to consider ways to best make repairs affordable but don’t hesitate to contact a professional either. It will end up saving money, time and headaches in the long run when repairs are handled by a skilled professional.

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