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How to Create the Perfect Lawn and Yard for Your New Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 04 December 2017 17:34

Planting a new lawn from scratch can be a huge job. To simplify it, divide it into sections. You can begin the process by areas that are most visible and deal with the others after some time. The division will make your work more manageable and feasible, especially if you do not have an efficient watering system. The following steps will ensure that you have a perfect new lawn.

Remove Old Turf

The first step is to kill and remove any old and poor quality turf. Step can be accomplished through some methods that include heavy mulches, solarization, herbicides, and use of a sod cutter as well as a hoe. You need to consult with the local people to know what method is more effective with the climatic conditions of that area.

Fix Grade Problems

You need to fix any grade problems, before adding any soil amendments to your lawn. You can personally fix any minor landscaping problems, or seek the services of a landscaping contractor for major issues. This is because landscaping contractors are equipped with the right earth-moving equipment.

Amend the Soil

Soil amendments involve adding organic matter, fertilizers, and sulfur or lime. You need to test the soil to determine what amendment substance is good for your soil. The best testing method is to send a sample to a soil tester institution.

Rake Smooth and Firm

Rake the replanting area while removing any vegetative matter and any stones that may be brought to the surface. After raking, water the ground and give it time to dry adequately. Roll the prepared soil to give it a firmer base to prevent the seeds from going too deep into the soil, lest they die before reaching the surface.

Planting and Watering

Sod, springs, seeds, and plugs are the main planting methods. Each of these methods requires a different technique for installation and preparation. After planting, you need to ensure that your seeds get enough water on a daily basis. The best way to ensure they do is by installing an irrigation sprinkler system in your yard and lawn. These systems will water your seed about 2 to 3 times a day until the seeds are well established. After which you can then program them to water at least two times a week.

Creating a new lawn and yard is a tough job that can be eased by dividing it into sections. You need to properly prepare your soil for the seeds to grow into healthy plants. Installing a sprinkler system will ensure that your lawn stays green throughout the year.

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