Why It’s Best To Listen To Questions Before Answering

Written by Posted On Sunday, 07 October 2018 00:23

Some people get upset when others don’t listen to their questions before giving them a
tangible answer(s). They tell you that they are upset because others don’t pay attention to
their questions before popping up with answers. But, there are people who hold reasons why
they do such. For some, they do this because they have the desire to quickly help you out.
Others, though, do it out of pride.
But the thought-provoking question is, why is it best to listen before giving answers to
questions? John A, a top staff of DStv Nigeria has some great insights.
Of course, no one would jettison the fact that everyone values a good listener, one who
would take his time to listen carefully. Everyone finds it respectful when others pay attention
to them, especially their most important questions.
Well, this is a learned behavior and we must learn it. Professionals who get employed by
companies to represent them didn’t just wake up and become good listeners. They practiced
every day, and are still practicing. They don’t interrupt others when they are talking or
asking questions; they pay rapt attention to people. This helps them to be confident enough
to talk in a presentable manner, making strong gestures through eye contact and body
language. They find it uncomfortable for a questionnaire when they interrupt.
Well, while we feel we already know the speaker’s thoughts or questions, they don’t deem it
respectful. Though we may feel we know it all, if we aren’t slow to speak, they feel you’re
being unprofessional and disrespectful.
This is true in an instance when an elderly person asks you a question he needs a splendid
answer to. Would he commend you for not being a good listener? No, he wouldn’t because
he is frustrated by your quick answer while they’re yet speaking.
In the business world, listening and completely getting the sense of a question really reflect
on your success. Many customers appreciate you if you have a listening heart. It awards you
some jobs others might have lost as a result of not listening completely to questions before
giving answers.
People who ask questions aren’t fools, and so they don’t expect you to answer quickly while
they are yet speaking. Listening before giving your opinions on a subject paves a way for
you to understand and have better knowledge of the discussion. Answering a question while
the person is speaking may throw you off track.
In the world of business, there are criteria you ought to follow which would help you take
your business into the limelight. Let us consider some of these criteria.

 Make them understand that you’re open-minded and are absolutely willing to listen to
 You must help them understand that you are really reliable. You do this by giving a
straight-to-the-point answer.
 While they’re asking questions, pay more than your usual attention; don’t get
distracted by your mobile device or anything else that could show disrespect.
 When questions are asked, you don’t give your answer if you don’t fully understand
from Adam. Politely asking the person to recap would suffice.
 If several questions are asked, don’t hastily answer them all. Give your clear answer to
each of the questions.
 You must listen attentively to know if the questionnaire is just asking a rhetorical
question, making a statement (this may be in the form of a question), or asking a
question that demands your answer.
A conversation leads to a discussion if you open your heart wide to listen before giving your
answer. Putting your best foot forward would award you respect, trust, and even a bigger job
offer you never thought of.
Consequently, practice listening patiently to others before answering.

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