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How to choose hardware for your cabinet?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 July 2019 09:35

How to choose your kitchen handles?

It is gone when the kitchen handles were only used to open drawers. But these days handles also give a special look to the cabinet.  If you do not know which to choose, follow this guide.

Classic handles: The kitchen handles are also fashionable, they adapt to current trends. At the moment, metal products are in the spotlight, with stainless steel and chrome in mind. Their design was inspired by the workshops is always appreciated, and their neat shapes and finishes soften the raw lines of an industrial style kitchen. Other metals are also on the rise, especially aged iron and copper. 

The original handles: Designer handles are unique and colorful; it's up to you to find the one that suits you. Manufacturers no longer hesitate to play with shapes and make the handles always more original and ergonomic. So you can take advantage of it.

Which model, length or color to choose? 

Handle lengths when doors are already drilled: In this type of case, the choices will be more limited, because one will have to respect the center-to-center distance of the existing holes. The best way to accurately measure this difference is to use a rigid rule. For each of the collections, you have to put together tables showing center-to-center measurements and overall dimensions to facilitate your research of the size required for your project. For certain models, it is better to also check the excess part of the handle so that it does not protrude from your door or that it is not too close to its end.

Non-standard drilling handles: Some Roche cabinet handle lengths no longer exist or are offered in very limited choices.  There are different alternatives for these situations, one of which is to install a pre-drilled plate that will conceal the existing holes on the front of the door. Among the other solutions, there are models handles that hide the holes by their long excesses. You can also hide a hole or holes on a drawer front with a handle or a shell-type handle. Another alternative among others for cabinet doors pierced in the center will be to hide the holes with a wooden applique.

Length of Handles when doors are not pierced: In the last few years, there has been a small revolution in decorative hardware with the arrival of cabinet handles much longer than you used to see. 

When you have the choice of drilling there are two main options: The regular or the contemporary.

You can then choose to install a rochehandle model with more conservative dimensions or opt for new dimensions more contemporary. In the first case, it will remain only to choose the model and the color that you prefer. If, on the other hand, the new lengths, interest you, there are three main ways of doing things.

•    Highly longer handles of the same dimensions. 

•    Hooks a little longer, but different length, depending on the length of each door or drawer. 

•    Highly long handles, but different lengths, depending on the length of each door or drawer.

The longer the handles, the more the final touch will be contemporary. It is therefore to know the overall look that you want to get.

Width of Handles: A favorite is always the best choice, but when hesitating between two models it is good to know that a larger model will take the limelight, so if your door is without relief the choice of a wider handle will give mouth to your kitchen. If, however, you have cabinet doors in relief or shaker type, a narrower model will be more proportionate to the amount of the door.  

Color of Cabinet Handles

You will choose a color that matches the appliances, lighting, faucets or the color of the doors, according to the atmosphere that we want to create. 

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