Using a Saas to Run Your Brokerage

Written by Posted On Thursday, 12 March 2015 04:53

When you are running a company, getting everything to run efficiently should be a top priority. This is especially true if you are running your own brokerage. Running a brokerage effectively requires you and your team to be able to work well together easily and quickly. One of the best ways to do this is by running your brokerage with an SaaS. A well-programmed SaaS can make everything in your brokerage run more smoothly, and can even help you to cut down your budget. There are so many benefits to running a brokerage through an SaaS, we are surprised that more companies are not doing it.

So what is an SaaS? SaaS stands for System as a Service. Most of them operate as a cloud service, and can be accessed straight from the web. Essentially, a third party vendor runs a service that others can use through the web. Here's an example. Instead of creating your own mail server, you probably use one created by a company, like Gmail or Yahoo. You access their product by going to the website, then you use their service without having to download anything. The alternative would be learning how to create your own mail server and then implementing it. It is much more efficient and quick for you to simply use one provided by another party. SaaS systems are very commonly used for emailing, collaborating, customer relationship management, and some healthcare related applications. These are not their only uses however, and one can easily be used to help run your brokerage.

Think of all the ways having one central, online location for your brokerage would be. All of your employees could connect to it easily, from wherever they are, using any device. There is no need to download any programs or plugins, all you need is the internet and a web browser. Communication would be instantaneous, allowing you to share documents, information, or anything else right away. It would allow your employees to work from home, or anywhere else they choose, so you would no longer need to have a central office. If you don't need an office, and if you aren't paying to develop your own program, you are saving costs. Running your brokerage entirely through an SaaS is a great way to save on the budget and put that money towards more important things.

With all that is available to us with today's technology, we no longer have to work like we used to in the past. POS systems (like the ones from AccuPOS) can now be mobile, employees can work from wherever they want, and information can be shared at the click of a button. Get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of all that technology has to offer us. There are numerous benefits of running your brokerage through an SaaS, only some of which were mentioned above. There may be some adjustments along the way, but once you adapt, you'll realize how easy it can be. You'll start to wonder why more companies are not taking advantage of SaaS systems to run their own companies, and then smile knowing that you are ahead of the curve. It won't be too long before more and more companies start to make the shift.

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