Picky Ways to Assess the Right Market Value of a Property

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Buying or selling any property is easier only if you are well aware of the existing property trends. If not, it's time to roll up and set to work. Whether it is commercial or residential, there are some ways to assess and evaluate the right property value. While you are looking out to buy any property, make sure you are done with your initial homework and that's more about - knowing the right market values and niches. You may also know here some related property like | Antriksh Urban Greek Dwarka and Wave City Center Noida.

Knowing is the right value is crucial and it's never a one man show, it includes a team to work it out like professional realtors, advocates, seller, you and your investments at most. With just a little dig over property trends, market values and requisites to buy or sell rightly, you'll reach the top without getting trapped or hidden consequences and financial traps. Mainly, you have to be clear in head whether you are gaming up either for residential or commercial properties. Choose the right way!

Here are a few steps that you could adhere to for sieving out the right information.

Latest trends

Go for the latest! No matter how active realtor you have been 10 years ago, you can't rely on your niche, you must seek out for professional guidance from realtors, property advocates, financial advisors and experiences buyers or sellers to position your investment in just the right place.

Similar properties in different localities

Once you are clear in head that you want to buy a villa, dig out for villas in different localities and compare. Select a few ingredients to taste the right flavour. Proximity, utility, amenities, accessibility to main area and gentry are a few key ingredients to know where the difference lies and why? A lot of property insight magazines would guide you better.

Square per foot?

Pricing trends keep on varying from place to place. Square per foot is the most popular way to weigh any property. Sometimes, property prices are based on its overall size, structure and locality. If it's in square per foot, you simply have to calculate the size directly, irrespective of how nicely done structure it has.


If you have shortlisted a property and you are still uncertain about its asked price, you may get in touch with a few residing neighbourhoods to know more about the current prices and property trends in that specific area. They may reveal what had missed or they may advice you something out of the box.

Statistical Tools

A lot of property apps are available in the market that helps in estimating property values and existing property trends, depending on area, locality and its overall market strength of Global NCR. These applications are interconnected with huge property databases, forums and agencies so it is likely, that you get nearing estimations.

Property Demand


Supply patterns and demand graphs play important part in an economic system. It determines the market value; say for instance, if apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai are not available any further, the demand would ultimately strike high, and the supply would go down, thus this will result in rise in property prices. If supply supersedes the demand, prices will ultimately fall out.

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