How To Get Exclusive Real Estate Leads Before Your Competition

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Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries in the marketing world. Real Estate brokers and agents are constantly asking how they can do it better than the next guy. How can you find prospective clients who are interested in buying or selling now? How can you get to prospects before your competitors? The answer lies where most do these days: artificial intelligence. 

How to Reach Real Estate Prospects Before the Competition

Gone are the days of door-knocking, cold-calling, and wide net marketing campaigns. Machine-learning technology is now capable of in-market targeting for real estate transactions. This means real estate brokers and their agents can now focus their marketing efforts on people who are looking to buy or sell now

What is Machine-Learning Technology?

Machine-learning is a form of artificial intelligence that is constantly improving its results based on new data. Simply put, the more data the system eats, the more accurate the results it spits out. Based on these results, the machine-learning system formulates a client profile that can then be used as a model to find new clients. 

In the real estate world, the machine-learning system is fed data from people who have already purchased or sold a home. By finding patterns in their online search history, demographics, etc., the machine can create highly accurate profiles for your target client. More so, it can create specific profiles within your customer base. For instance, it can develop individual profiles for buyers and sellers. 

What is Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing, also known as In-Market Targeting, is focusing your marketing efforts on people who are “in the market” for your product or service. Based on people’s online search history, companies can now tell the difference between relevant prospects and disinterested people. Chances are, you have experienced this yourself. Have you ever searched for, say, ‘healthy recipes’ and then noticed an influx of ads for gyms and weight-loss supplements popping up online? You’re being targeted by companies who have invested in customer leads based on market interest. 

Data-Driven Marketing may seem like Big Brother is watching you and, well, you’re right. Lots of different sources are analyzing your online searches to determine your value as a prospective customer. It may sound creepy, but data-driven marketing is beneficial to the customer. Instead of random ads, data-driven marketing provides customers with ads they may actually be interested in and could benefit from. 

Why Should You Use Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing is accurate and efficient. It allows you to stretch your marketing budget further, target relevant people sooner, and saves you time and energy. Best of all, it gives you an unfair advantage over the competition who is still out knocking on doors. 

Cuts Costs Per Relevant Lead

Data-driven marketing is like turning on a gigantic fan in front of the proverbial haystack. It blows away the disinterested people and leaves you with the needles in clear view. So, instead of throwing your marketing money at the haystack, you can focus your marketing budget on the needles. 

With data-driven marketing, real estate brokers and their agents can market directly to people who are actively looking to buy or sell a home. This results in huge savings in the cost per relevant lead, ranging from 25-75%. And remember, the machine-learning technology increases accuracy over time, so what may start as 25% savings could grow to 75%. 

Decreases Competition

Data-driven marketing gives real estate brokers an unfair advantage over the competition. It gets you in front of the client before your competitors even realize there is a client. After potential buyers and sellers research the real estate market, their next step is to reach out to a real estate agency. But data-driven marketing allows you to reach out to them first. 

“The early bird gets the worm” motto may be overused, but it is very applicable in the real estate industry. Over 70% of buyers and sellers go with the real estate professional that they talk to first. Therefore, three-quarters of the work is done by just getting in front of the customer first. Data-driven marketing makes you the early bird.

Saves Time

Wide net marketing can be extremely time consuming. Real estate brokers and their agents end up wasting countless hours on people who aren’t really in the market for buying or selling a home. In the same way, data-driven marketing saves you money, it also saves you time. You don’t have to reach out to a whole stadium of people to lock in a few clients. Data-driven marketing points you to the right rows in the stadium and even to the seat numbers of relevant prospects. 

Data-Driven Marketing: You Can’t Afford Not To

Data-driven marketing really does it all. It saves time and money while increasing your relevant leads and profits. At Market Super Force, we raise the bar even higher. Our proprietary Predictive Client Acquisition Technology (PCAT) analyzes 25 billion data points every day to get you in front of your customer before the competition. Our state-of-the-art data-driven systems compile, analyze and process the data for you. Sprint and several other billion-dollar companies use the same system!

Market Super Force also builds your ads, marketing funnels, and lead follow-ups to generate a response. All your real estate agents have to do is call your leads given to you by name and follow-up. We take care of the rest. Best of all, we only serve one client per market area. Meaning, if you get to us first, your real estate brokerage will have exclusive access to these valuable leads.

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