How Often Should You Clean Your Home’s Exterior?

Posted On Thursday, 11 November 2021 21:12

Regularly cleaning the house helps keep the place neat. Therefore, it’s important to vacuum, wipe down dust, and wash sheets and curtains. Yet while indoor chores as such often need to be done, it’s also essential to do some cleaning for your home’s exterior. 

These could be scouring out the gutters, washing the deck, or scrubbing down the siding. Since the process of cleaning a house’s exterior may be wearisome, power washing is often used to make things easier and quicker. 

However, knowing how often you should clean your house also matters if you wish to maintain a well-kept home. For your home’s exterior, the answer to that depends on various situations. 

Below is a list of the frequency and conditions where home exterior cleaning should be appropriate. 

  1. 1. At Least Once A Year 

For general cleaning, it’s essential to clean the exterior of your house a minimum of once a year. This will help get rid of dirt accumulating on the sidewalls, corners, gutters, and overgrowth that already requires some trimming or weeding. If you wait for a year before you begin house cleaning, there might be a lot to do. 

Although accomplishing everything in an entire day is possible, dividing the chores into different dates could also be a great option. For instance, you could power wash the siding and roof this week. For the following week or so, you could clean up the lawn, driveway, and more.

2. As Often As Necessary 

The exterior can get dirty even before your annual cleaning schedule. When this happens, don’t hesitate to do some cleaning. You can schedule cleaning your exteriors monthly or every quarter, so the build-up around your home won’t accumulate too much. It doesn’t have to be as big as the general cleaning you do annually. Spot cleaning on particular areas of the house would already be sufficient to keep the place neat.

3. Depending On The Part Of The Home’s Exterior 

Another factor that may affect how often you need to clean up your home’s exterior is the part of the house. For instance, the deck often gets muddy and dusty, so you might have to clean the area as soon as you observe molds or grimes building upon the flooring. It would be best to examine how fast the different parts of the exterior get dirty. This way, you could build a schedule as to when you should have them cleaned.  

4. Depending On Where You Live 

Sometimes, it can also depend on where your house is. If you live in a place with a lot of trees around, you might have to clean up the roof or the gutters more frequently. It’s best to check the gutters every week so the build-up of mold or grimes won’t be too much that it causes the gutters to clog or be damaged. It wouldn’t be good to allow leaves to pile up in the gutters. Leaks or damages to the roof may, later on, result from it.  

On the other hand, your windows and sidings are the ones to easily become dusty when you live in a dry and sandy area. You might have to clean the exterior more often than once a year to maintain it. 

  1. 5. Before Repainting The Exterior 

Exterior paint can also fade away after a specific period. Sometimes, it takes a year or two for you to see a significant difference in your exterior paint. Hence, some homeowners commonly choose to repaint their exteriors every year.

Yet if you plan to give it a fresh coat to your house’s exterior, you should have it clean first. Before you remove existing paint, you’ll have to power wash the exterior. You should do this at least two days before your paint job to ensure that the surface is completely dry before you apply fresh paint.  This will help you get a smooth and perfect finish. If you paint without cleaning it, some bits and pieces could get stuck and dry up with the new coat of paint.  

  1. 6. After A Storm  

Storms may cause severe damage to your house and its surroundings. When heavy rains occur, your lawn could become muddy and stain the siding. There could also be all kinds of debris brought by the strong winds. Some debris can be small rocks or dusts that can accumulate in between the patio or your home’s walling. Because of this, you might have to do a severe clean-up after a storm. Along with this, you probably have to do a general inspection to see what other damage the storm caused.  

  1. 7. If You’re Selling Your Home 

Finally, if you’re planning to sell your house, consider cleaning up the entire exterior first to improve curb appeal. If you want to impress potential buyers, leaving it dirty and messy won’t do you any favors. Ensuring it’s clean and ready for any viewing is essential because a potential buyer might want to check out the property any time.


Cleaning up your home is vital to make sure that it’s presentable and pleasant to live in. Since the exterior is the first thing people notice in a house, it’s important to have it well-kept. With that, you could also ensure that any damages and stains to your home will be attended to. However, it’s also important to schedule the cleaning during a sunny time in the year. This is to make certain that the surface will easily dry, preventing the build-up of molds and grime in them.

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