Why You Might Opt For Full-Service Movers When Relocating To Your New Home

Posted On Monday, 05 February 2024 10:59

When hiring movers, what type of moving service is going to be right for you?

Today we’ll go into the differences between a typical moving service and a full moving service, and which one would be the right choice under your circumstances.

If you’re ready to learn more about moving services and what they entail, then read below.

What do Typical Moving Services Offer?

When hiring a moving service, you’re paying them to show up at your doorstep and pick up your belongings. They’ll transport your items and then drop them off at your desired location.

Depending on the type of service you’ve requested, it may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the distance traveled by the moving company. And if you’re moving internationally, you can expect this to take much longer, around a month (or more) depending on the time of year as moving items overseas is a lengthy process.

What do Full-Service Movers Offer?

Full-service movers are just that, full-service. They’re for anyone who has no time to pack their belongings and would like to let the professionals take over while you spend time on what’s important. Full-service movers start by showing up at your door and packing all of your belongings on the spot.

The only thing required from you is to let the movers know what goes where, and what to throw away. Full-service movers also will disassemble any furniture or belongings you may have like a computer chair, and then reassemble them on location.

What’s great about full-service movers is that they take care of everything, even bringing packaging materials with them. They’re great for saving a ton of time, and if you’re not strapped for cash, then going with full service may be the right option.

On arrival at your preferred destination, the movers will then unload all of your belongings wherever you prefer them. They take care of even taking the trash out at the end, and leaving your new home just as you want it without breaking any sweat during the entire process.

One downside however over a typical moving service provider is that they do cost a little extra over movers that just grab your belongings and drop them off. If you don’t have much time and want to spend your time elsewhere, then you won’t have any problems with full-service movers.

If you’re looking to check out what types of prices are available, then you can get a free quote from https://threemovers.com/full-service-movers/. You don’t need to put any money down and you can compare prices from other services as well, and the ability to negotiate. 

Should You Go With Full-Service Movers?

Anyone who has some cash to spend as well as little time should go with full-service movers. It makes the move insanely easy, and it’s better than calling up a friend and asking for their help during the big move.

You can also ask if you can add in your vehicle to ship as well, and get a discount that way. This can make it super easy to move across the country while you simply board a plane. Consider that you will be spending money on hotels and food during the journey across the USA, so instead you can utilize that towards paying the movers.

If however, you’re only moving down the street, then it may not make sense for you, as the cost of full-service moving can be high. It is however a luxury service, so do expect the price to be a little more than what you’re used to. You can always ask around for quotes from different providers and get a better rate that way as well. 


The choice between a typical moving service and full-service movers ultimately depends on your specific circumstances, priorities, and budget. Typical moving services offer a more cost-effective solution, where you handle the packing, disassembly of furniture, and coordination of belongings. However, if time is a luxury you cannot afford and you have the financial means, full-service movers present a comprehensive solution to streamline your relocation process.

Full-service movers go beyond merely transporting your belongings – they take charge of the entire packing process, from disassembling furniture to providing packaging materials. This convenience can be a lifesaver for those with busy schedules or those who prefer to focus on other aspects of the move. Moreover, full-service movers ensure a hassle-free experience by assembling furniture at the destination, handling trash removal, and leaving your new home ready for immediate occupancy.

While full-service movers come at a higher cost compared to typical moving services, the investment may be justified for individuals with limited time and a willingness to delegate the moving responsibilities. It's a practical option for those who can allocate the budget for a smoother and less stressful relocation experience.

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