Summer Chores for a Happier Home

Written by Get Happy at Home Team Posted On Wednesday, 10 July 2024 00:00
Summer Chores for a Happier Home Image courtesy of Get Happy at Home team of Coldwell Banker Bain in Seattle

Ah, sweet summertime. As the season of sun and fun gets underway, it’s also a great time to tackle summer projects to keep your home in ship-shape all year long. The Seattle-based real estate team, Get Happy at Home  of Coldwell Banker Bain, has provided a handy list below of “Summer Chores for a Happier Home.”


- Staining your decks/fences should be done during the summer because it takes several days of warm weather to dry out the wood completely. You don't want to put stain down unless you have had several days of consistently warm weather and you also want the weather to stay warm for a few days after putting stain on so that it will dry properly and last longer.


- Exterior painting is the same as staining decks; you do not want rain. You also don't want overly hot weather, so this can be a delicate balance, but warm weather is best so that you can give the paint time to dry.


- New roofs are best to install in the summer. We live in a very raining part of the world, so to avoid having to tarp your roof while replacing the roof, it is best to have this completed in the summer.


- It is best to clean your windows during the summer months because this is the time of year when you notice dirty windows the most and your windows will stay cleaner longer with less rain hitting them. This is also the best time to replace any windows so that you avoid rain damaging the home during the replacement process.


- Gardening should typically be done before summer (spring is best) however if you haven't gotten around to weeding or putting bark done, it can be done in the summer months. This will also help from keeping weeds from popping up as they are likely rapidly growing about this time.


- Driveway resurfacing should also be done in the summer months. Pavement seals best when it is dry and hot both during the day and remaining warmer during the nights. Longer daylight hours also mean that what may have been a two-day job can be completed in one day.


- Sewer line repairs should be done in the summer because it's cheaper for them to repair. When sewer lines are replaced during rainy months, the rain turns the dirt to mud and makes the replacement or sewer line repairs more challenging and costly.


- There are also usually a lot of great deals this time of year if you want to add an A/C system. Keep an eye out for companies offering promotions this time of year. A/C repairs, on the other hand, can be much more costly this time of year since companies are busy installing new systems so that you would want to have done before summer.

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