Barn Doors Aren’t Just Here To Stay. They’re Here To Slay!

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Thursday, 21 May 2020 05:00

They were the Fixer Upper fix we became fascinated by. Then they were the trend we couldn’t get enough of. When they started popping up everywhere, we began to wonder if they were already on their way out. 

And now we’re looking around our house trying to come up with the perfect spot to add another one. 

Barn doors.

Given the name and the fact that their initial popularity was propelled by the rustic doors on Fixer Upper, it would be easy to write them off as a fad. But the truth is you just never know when a trend will fizzle out or transform itself into something more. 

Barn doors are not just for farmhouses. Today you’ll find them acting as space-savers in sleek apartments and as dazzling details in mega-manses. “You might think that barn doors are strictly for farmhouses (hello, Joanna Gaines!), but believe it or not, this design element works beautifully in a variety of other spaces,” said Elle Decor. “Whether you're seeking to add a rustic touch to a modern kitchen or need a tasteful way to divide areas in a room, sliding barn doors are a versatile design solution.”


Creating privacy, adding a decorative accent, acting as a room separator, or allowing for better flow between spaces where a traditional door with a swing may not work—a barn door can function in a number of ways. 

“In a small space where every single inch counts, sliding barn doors come in handy,” said Sebring Design Build. “A well installed sliding barn door offers great space economy for whatever room you use it in. Of course, you need to have enough adjacent wall space for the barn door to slide over when it is opened. But this is often preferable to similarly space-saving pocket doors that require much more work to install or remove.”

So many options

We love how these dual sliding doors were used in place of a more traditional solution to hide a pantry. 

These antique barn doors feature “a variety of mid to late 1800 French Colonial doors from Egypt.” They’re available in Mont Blanc, Notre Dame, and Versailles styles.

Who says you have to use natural wood tones for your barn door? We love the deep blue hue and immense stature of this door, which “adds a sense of privacy to a sitting room in a modern farmhouse,” said Elle Décor. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to materials. Clad in iron, this barn door looks right at home in this modern living room. And check out this leather door!

This glass barn door is great for any place you need to create a separation without losing the light. Or go decorative with your glass, like in the master bedroom of this San Francisco home

You can also apply the barn door idea to your shower. This frameless shower door uses “RollerDisk™ Technology” with one fixed glass panel and another that slides over it on a top rail. 


Barn doors can range wildly in price. You can pay several thousand dollars for a custom job or a couple hundred dollars for a more budget version. You can also DIY a door from scratch—a great solution when you have reclaimed wood you want to feature. We also love this DIY option that comes with the frame and all the hardware for just $98. Just add your slats!

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