The Best Benefits of Houseplants

Written by Ashley Sutphin Posted On Friday, 06 January 2023 00:00

Having greenery in your home isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. There are a lot of great health benefits as well.

Even if you don’t have a natural green thumb, a plant here or there can still deliver the following benefits.

Reduce Stress

Who among us couldn’t do with a little less stress in our lives? This is especially true since many people are still working from home and dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that if you have plants in your home or office, which may be the same for you these days, it can help you feel calmer and more comfortable.

Indoor gardening lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and plants might reduce both psychological and physiological stress.

There are a lot of different theories researchers have as to why plants might help reduce stress. For example, you might think about outdoor spaces when you see them, making you feel more patient. Admiring your plants can also make you more mindful.

Immune System Boosters

Plants can boost your immune system in multiple ways. First, if they make you feel more relaxed, you’re more likely to get high-quality sleep. Sleep helps strengthen your immunity.

Plants also have airborne chemicals and phytoncides that are released into the air and have benefits for your immune system.

A 2002 research review found that people recovering from various types of surgery needed less pain medication and had shorter stays in the hospital than people not surrounded by greenery during their recovery.

Better Productivity

When you have plants in your home and your office, you can be more productive. This may be because plants give you something beautiful and vibrant to look at, making you feel more creative and focused.

You add color and liveliness to your workspace, giving you a mental boost.

In 2004, a study was conducted where researchers asked participants to make creative word associations. The study participants with plants in the room with them performed better.

There was a study in 2007 showing that people with plants in their work area were more productive and took fewer sick days.

Air Quality Improvements

Houseplants are excellent at absorbing toxic substances that might be floating around your home, like formaldehyde and benzene. These are artificial materials that produce gas pollutants. Researchers from Virginia Tech found houseplants can also reduce dust indoors by up to 20%.

NASA researchers have looked at these air-clearing benefits, and they recommend that you have anywhere from 15 to 18 houseplants for a house that’s 1800 square feet. Even if you don’t have that many, just one or two plants can benefit the quality of your air.

Also, plants release water vapor into the air. That, in turn, increases humidity, which can improve the health of your skin and respiratory system. If you struggle with headaches, respiratory issues or allergies, plants may help.

Plants increase the amount of oxygen in the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. They release oxygen as they go through photosynthesis. Take the most advantage of these benefits by putting plants within six to eight feet of where you usually sit or sleep.

When you have more oxygen, your energy, focus, and mood are all likely to benefit.

As humans, we have a deep connection to nature. When you bring nature indoors to surround you in your daily life, it’s going to help reconnect you to that. There are physical and psychological benefits to houseplants that are worth exploring.

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