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Written by Caroline Casetti Posted On Thursday, 26 September 2013 11:03

Though self-storage is typically used for storing things you can no longer afford to keep in your home, storage units can be used for more than just a place to stack your old boxes. The beauty of having your own unit is that you have the freedom to do what you want with it. Some storage facilities can even serve as weekend soup kitchens, business stowage, exhibitions, and much more. Other facilities like Storage Post can also help with hosting projects such as community events or canned food drive

For the fellow mothers out there, storage can be something that drastically reorganizes your life. Regardless of the space you live in, having things in their proper place gives you an opportunity to declutter your living space and your mind. Personally, my head tends to be clearer when I know where belongings are safely located. Many of my stored items are seasonal, like winter sweaters or holiday decorations, as well as furniture that I simply do not have the space for. Whether you consider storage for seasonal items, as an outlet to ease your mind, or neither, there are a plethora of uses for it – and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

From obscure to original to downright awkward, here's a quick list of a few other things your self-storage unit may be good for, whoever you are or wherever you live!

Drink in the Good Life

One of the big advantages of an indoor storage facility over a shed or garage is that it is often climate controlled. The interior is maintained at the ideal temperature and humidity to preserve valuable documents, furs, and more. These conditions also are perfect for the storage of most fine wines. If you are a wine lover without space for a cellar at home, you can easily add racks to a self-storage unit. The security of the self-storage space also makes sure your prized pinot noir does not end up in the glass of an underage oenophile.

The Man Cave

It is a story told over and over again: a guy gets his space just the way he wants it, and circumstances beyond his control force him to man up and relinquish it. If your cave has been transformed into a nursery or home office, adding shelves may be your best bet. If not, storage may be something you must resort to. All you need to do is move your big screen, mini fridge, and recliner into the unit. There may even be enough room for a new putting practice area.

Broadcast Yourself

It seems that everyone is living online today. If you are serious about being the next straight-to-web star, a self-storage space could be the studio you need. You can create and record your latest episode in the unit, or you can go live with Wi-Fi technology. Internet radio personalities can add removable sound proofing to the walls. You can hang a backdrop to give your broadcast a more professional or exotic look as well. Self-storage can be the ideal choice for not only band practice, but for new businesses, too!

DIY Art Show

Aspiring artists often have a difficult time finding a place to show their works to the public. With a few adjustments, a self-storage unit can become a miniature art gallery. You can set up room dividers to create additional wall space for canvases. Additional lighting may be needed to show your work to its best advantage.

However you decide to use your self-storage unit, make sure you follow the guidelines for the site. Also, remember to be a thoughtful neighbor and to turn off the lights when you leave. Though storage units have been commonly known to store old belongings, furniture or even larger items like cars, motorcycles, or boats, there are ways to use a storage unit as something more than just another empty space.

Written by Caroline Casetti of The Humble Haven

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