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Renovating To Make Your Home The Coolest One On The Block

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 18 January 2015 06:54

If you've got renovating on your mind, you're not alone. Strong real estate values are driving home improvement, with a majority of homeowners looking to renovate rather than buy a new home, according to the 2014 Houzz & Home Survey.

Key findings from the survey indicated that "remodeling trumps moving, except for Millennials" with homeowners looking to remodel in order "to stay in their home for the long term, and are motivated by a desire to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their home to meet their needs," said Houzz. The goals of Millennials is to renovate "with an eye on moving and increasing the resale value of their current home."

When it's time for you to renovate, you'll want to make sure you add all the latest features. You also might want to add a few of these items that will make your house the coolest one on the block—and, someday, on the market.

1. Glow in the dark murals

The combination of UV paint and black lights make a perfectly normal (although maybe a little boring) bedroom look magical at night. You may not be a mural master like Bogi Fabian, but you can always fake it with these paint-by number versions.

2. An incredible light fixture

If you don't want to live with a black light, how about bringing the forest right into your bedroom? This chandelier casts shadows that are right out of a dream.

Daily Mail

3. A staircase with a slide

Who need a regular old staircase when you can have one with a side order of slide?! If you're adding a second story or simply want to replace your existing stairs with something cool, this is the way to go.


4. A spa with something extra

Playboy Mansion? No, your very own backyard. If you're looking to build a pool, you need this waterfall spa. Everyone needs this waterfall spa.


5. Lights as fancy as your bathroom

You don't have to have a crazy amazing bathroom with a thousand jets in the shower and a soaker tub that fits the whole family to have great lights that introduce a bit of whimsy (but it doesn't hurt!).


6. Unexpected storage

We've never met anyone who doesn't need more room to put their stuff, but bringing in more storage pieces doesn't always make sense. Make use of all that space under your stairs and you may just find yourself organized in a way you never expected.


7. A living kitchen

A wall of herbs won't cost a lot - but will add a lot to your kitchen. If you don't have an entire wall to dedicate to rosemary, basil, and sage, pick a few of your faves and try a mini version.

8. Beachy hangout spot

You might not live by the beach, but you can create the setting in your backyard with this oversized sandbox/firepit. Now all you need is a Sound Soother on the Oceanside setting.

9. Lego room

Oh, will your kids love you when you cover their bedroom walls in Legos. Just remember to ALWAYS wear shoes when you enter the room.

Luxury Homes

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