How To Create A Classic, Chic Home That Never Goes Out Of Style

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 14 February 2016 06:56

You want your home to look updated and stylish, but you don't want to have to get rid of everything every year - or every season - when trends change.

"Americans update, redecorate or completely renovate a room, or the whole house, about every 10 years," said the Herald-Tribune. "Most homeowners do small remodeling projects in a space more often than 10 years. Usually, the projects involve trading in one trend for another, which has the effect of freshening up a space and making it current and lively. But it also dooms the room to fade out of fashion like last year's hemline. Follow decorating fads and you're on a track to refurnish, paint and select new accessories on an almost continuing basis."

So how do you put together a look that sticks around?

Stick to classics

Swapping out all your furniture to meet a current style fad could get tiresome. Not to mention expensive. Staying with classic styles and updating with accessories is the easiest way to keep a space fresh without having to overhaul it on a regular basis.

"Reliable ways to refresh a traditional style are to change the art work, bring in new lampshades or toss pillows," said the Herald-Tribune. "These are generally small and budget-friendly changes to a design style that endures through the decades."

The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places to consider since changes can be expensive and cumbersome to make. Keeping countertops and cabinets classic can keep your space looking good long after it's time for neighbors to renovate their outdated kitchens. The experts' choice for classic kitchen color: white, of course.


"Whether outfitted with traditional details or sleek, modern accents, a white kitchen will stand the test of time," said HGTV.

When it comes to cabinets, many designers recommend going with a shaker style. "These stile-and-rail cabinet doors instantly impart a classic look," said Apartment Therapy. And to finish the look, a farmhouse sink that "elegantly recalls kitchens of the past," they said. Farmhouse sinks are having their day right now, but that doesn't mean they won't still look great when the trend has passed - especially since they're available in so many different materials, shapes and sizes.

The floors

Unlike some other flooring choices that fade in and out of style, hardwood floors are always a go-to. If you're having trouble choosing a color, keep in mind that dark wood and light wood have each had their day; midtones tend to be more classic, while lighter woods and gray tones suit a modern modern aesthetic.

Interior Design Gallery


A great built-in provides function and can give a space dimension and architectural interest. And, you can easily alter a built-in to suit different architectural styles or support current trends with minimal effort. Adding molding or painting them in a different color can give you a whole new look.

Vintage finds

Adding a vintage piece to a space can give it a timeless feel, and antiques never go out of style. "A design rule that's sure to remain true? Every room in your home needs a unique vintage piece," said HGTV. "Even in newly-decorated spaces, distressed or worn pieces create a collected, designer look."

Apartment Therapy

Worried about how a dark wood sideboard will work with your modern décor? Transforming an antique with a bold paint finish is a favorite way to help the piece fit seamlessly into your space.

One great piece

Keeping your style classic may sound boring, but it doesn't have to be. Incorporating one great piece into your space can help give it some life while also helping it withstand the test of time.

"There are some things, once introduced, never go out of style," said Leedy Interiors. "No matter how much your tastes may change, invest in one of these timeless pieces and you're sure to love and appreciate them for years to come."

Signature Hardware

Among their recommendations:

  • A clawfoot tub - "The ultimate bathtub icon…this spacious and nostalgic tub can add charm, appeal and sense of luxury in a wide variety of bathroom interiors."
  • A chesterfield sofa - imparts luxury and comfort, a difficult combination to achieve. And, it works as well in a family living space as it does in a man room, depending on the fabric used.
  • A Louis XVI side chair - A "truly timeless and classically French" chair that brings some style and flair to your dining room and is also a great accent chair if you're going for an eclectic look around your table.
  • An Eero Saarinen table - the classic modern shape remains a favorite of interior designers and chic consumers. If the Saarinen table isn't in your budget, try the IKEA version, called DOCKSTA, and priced at just $179.
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