Tips to Sell a House in a Bad Location

Written by Ashley Sutphin Posted On Monday, 21 June 2021 00:00

You often hear how you can pretty easily sell a home that needs work as long as it’s in a great location. What happens when you’re trying to sell a home that’s not in a desirable location, however? This might mean the neighborhood is in disrepair, your home could be on a busy street, or it’s somewhere with a high crime rate.

What can you do if you want to sell a home in an undesirable location?

Work with the Right Agent

If you’re facing challenges, and in particular a less-than-desirable location, the last thing you want to do is try to sell your home without an agent. You not only need a real estate agent, but you also need someone who’s experienced in the particular area and who has a history of successfully selling homes where your home is located.

A good real estate agent can connect you with buyers who might be interested in homes in your area for one reason or another. They’re going to have a deep understanding of what it takes to sell a home in the specific community you’re in.

Know Your Audience

Working with a good real estate agent who’s experienced in your neighborhood can be helpful with this tip too. You want to know who your audience is and target them accordingly.

For example, maybe you live on a busy road, but it gives easy access to nearby amenities. Maybe your home is close to a noisy school, but young families might prefer this proximity.

If your home’s not in a very good school district, buyers without children might be interested because they can get a lower price than they would in neighborhoods with the best schools. Rather than trying to hide the weaknesses, find creative ways to turn them into strengths.  

Focus on Curb Appeal

While your neighborhood might not be the most beautiful one in town, you can shift the perception somewhat by focusing on the curb appeal of your own home. Clean up your home’s exterior because that’s something you do have control over.

You might even volunteer to help your neighbors do the same if it would be worth it to you in terms of getting more for your home.

Along with what people see from the front of your home, you might also want to think about the backyard. If you can landscape it so that it feels like a private oasis, then people might be more willing to overlook location flaws.

Be Realistic With Your Price

You’re going to have to price your home accordingly if you aren’t in a great location. That’s a must. A lot of what buyers are often willing to pay a premium for is location, and if you can’t offer that, then let your price reflect it.

It’s better to start out with the right price rather than going too low and then having to drop the price or relist it.

Upgrade Your Home’s Interior

If you know that buyers might be off-put by your home’s location, make the interior as appealing as you can. If you can make your home beautiful inside, then much like improving the curb appeal, you might be able to entice buyers.

It’s not easy to sell a home that’s not in a good location, but it’s also not impossible. It does require the right real estate agent and price, as well as some possible interior and exterior upgrades.

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