Knowledge is Power - Knowledge is a Differentiator Where did REALTOR dot com come from...and where did it go...and whose fault is that? NAR's first big technology play was the REALTOR Information Network (RIN), a wholly owned subsidiary of NAR. funded to the tune of $13 Million Dollars in 1993. REALTOR dot…
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One third of Mid-Atlantic real estate professionals have personally experienced or knows someone who had their safety or privacy threatened in the workplace. In the following report, REALTORS share their top recommendations to improve safety on the job.
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NAR has been looking into technology and its impact on the real estate industry since the early 1990s. MLS 2022 Agenda A large MLS industry research project was undertaken during Summer 2019 to identify the most significant issues facing the MLS industry over the next 30 months. These findings are…
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Rent control is destructive, it is a menace to a free society, and is being promoted in California based on a lie...that rent control is part of the solution to the housing availability and affordability issues. It is not. In fact, just the opposite is true. The California Legislature (with…
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"You only pay for what you need." This is the mantra of Liberty Mutual Insurance. The public is being educated...why pay for more than you need? This is the mass socialization of a basic economic concept. Watch for a lot more of this type of message from others.
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