Is There a Book in You?

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Has anybody ever told you that there is? It has been said that everybody has at least one good book in them! Have you considered writing a book? If there is an area in which you are a subject matter expert, there are probably people who would like to hear more from you.
One of the best reasons to write a book if you are in business is that it is undoubtedly the best business card you will ever give someone. It spells instant credibility and can assist you in gaining not only high credibility, but could also be a powerful component to your image resulting in trusted advisor status with clients.
My next-door neighbor and long-time friend, Jerry Gillis, had no particular desire to write a career-related book, but upon retirement recently he did write a book about his life story. He printed only 20 copies and gave one to each of his family members. Everyone was happy and he felt no need to send a copy to anyone else.
My friend, David Dow, had a company named Trench Safety. He became a speaker at industry meetings on this topic about which he was definitely a subject matter expert. It seems that people who want to dig a trench, without professional assistance, are vulnerable to severe accidents and substantial risk. His written articles and industry speeches contributed measurably to his professional image and success. He enjoyed a great run and recently sold his company for a handsome sum.
If you were to write a book, what would be about? I suggest you make a list of the reasons to write your book, which might inspire you to take further steps toward this goal. And no one is holding a gun to your head telling you it must be finished in 90 days. If you write a 18 Chapter book at the rate of a chapter a month, it will be done in a year and a half or so.
Some of you may be thinking, I don’t want to write a book, but I would like to speak for those having meetings pertaining to my area of expertise. That’s another consideration for you that can advance your image in a crowded marketplace.
Perhaps you want to write a book and also make yourself available for speeches. The good news is that you can cross-purpose your efforts and prepare for both. A reasonable next step would be for you to list 12-18 chapter titles and start thinking about content for each. Make either a computer folder or an actual manila folder file on each chapter and over the next several months put notes in each that will apply to that sub-topic. This is an easy way to test the water and see if you get your head into this game!
In the past half-century, it has been my pleasure to write or co-author 16 books and give over 6,000 speeches, and I get great joy from both activities! The good news is that there is NO barrier to entry, and you can too! See below for more information in the event you would like to subscribe to my WRITE YOUR BOOK! Coaching Program or my new STAND UP, SPEAK OUT AND WIN! Speaker Training Program.
Communication done well – verbally or written – has been the most satisfying component of my career. If you feel as though you have something to share but just don’t know how to get started, you can draw from my experience. I will be your guide, helping you with every step – first draft through publishing. If speaking is your choice, I will share all I have learned about developing your style, researching your subjects thoroughly, and delivering presentations that are memorable and motivating.
Contact me to schedule a no-obligation call to talk about your goal and aspirations! Call me at 901-292-8533 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Don Hutson

After graduation from the University of Memphis, with a major in Sales and a minor in Real Estate, he was #1 salesman in a national organization. He then established his own training firm and shortly thereafter was in demand as a professional speaker.

Since then Don has addressed over half of the Fortune 500 Companies and is featured in over 100 training films. He is Chairman & CEO of U. S. Learning and makes some 50 speaking appearances per year. Perhaps you have seen him on national television where he has been featured on ABC, PBS, TPN and Fox News.

Don is the author of SELLING VALUE, and co-author of the #1 Best Sellers, THE ONE MINUTE ENTREPRENEUR (with Dr. Ken Blanchard) and THE ONE MINUTE NEGOTIATOR (with Dr. George Lucas). He has also authored or co-authored eleven other books.

Don was elected by his peers to the presidency of the National Speakers Association, and has received its prestigious Cavett Award, as member of the year. He has also been honored with NSA's Speakers Hall of Fame Award, and is a recipient their Master of Influence Award along with such notables as Depok Chopra, Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan. He is also a member of Speakers Roundtable.

He has addressed over 750 Realtor audiences including the National Association of Realtors on multiple occasions, as well as many prominent real estate companies.

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