How To Store Solar Energy At Home

Posted On Wednesday, 31 August 2022 20:47

Homeowners who want to invest in solar panels must also think about ways to store solar energy for later use. Solar energy is usually available during the day when the sun is out. This is why power storing tech is important. You can use the stored energy effectively and save money on your bills. Solar energy can be efficiently stored during the day and used throughout the day and night. 

There are many power-storing tech products on the market, such as electromechanical or solar batteries, as they are more commonly known. 

Ways Solar Energy Can Be Stored

Solar energy can be stored as either thermal or electric energy that can be used later. The most popular products for storing power include lithium-ion or lead-based batteries. After you have installed solar panels in your home, the inverters in the design can convert solar energy into electricity. Solar batteries can then store any extra power for later use. 

There are many ways to store solar energy, such as thermal storage, which uses mediums like molten salt and water to absorb solar power. This energy is then stored in an insulated tank until it’s ready to be used. Another way to store solar energy at home is to get a battery.

Benefits Of Solar Systems That Are Paired With A Backup Battery

The battery in your solar system can store the power for later use. This is especially convenient for homeowners who live in areas that experience many blackouts. You’ll still have access to power which means you get to save money on utility costs and won’t be left in the dark. You also have access to sufficient power during peak hours. Your usage will also be reduced, which can be cost-effective. Solar batteries can be installed and integrated into your home by a professional and should be maintained regularly. 

Your solar system will then draw power from your batteries depending on the day-to-day energy consumption. 

How To Choose The Best Solar Power Storage Option

  1. 1. Look At The Battery Life

When buying solar batteries for your solar panels, look at their battery life. To get a battery with longer life, enquire in-store about each battery’s warranty. The warranty can give you an idea of how long the battery’s life is.  Solar batteries can degrade after cycles, so get a battery with a long lifespan. 

  1. 2. Consider The Depth Of The Discharge

The depth of discharge or DoD is the amount of electricity used in a battery’s capacity. If a battery’s DoD is high, you can use more power before recharging it. I want to maintain power, especially during blackouts. You can also get an Emergency Power Supply EPS. This can make sure that you have sufficient energy at home.

  1. 3. Get The Best Capacity And Power

Make sure you get solar energy storing batteries that match your lifestyle. If you live with many people, like family or housemates, you will need batteries with higher capacity and power. Every solar energy storing battery has a specific number of kilowatts that it can hold. Each battery also has a limit to how much power it can discharge. 

  1. 4. Round-Trip Efficiency Should Be A Priority

Solar batteries still need some energy to store solar energy. This is where Round-Trip efficiency becomes important. This is the ratio of the power stored in the battery to the power fed into it. To get the best performance, get a battery with high round-trip efficiency. You’ll be able to save money on your energy bills, which will improve your life.

The Best Batteries For Storing Solar Energy At Home

Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular choice for storing solar energy at home. Affordable and flexible in terms of home usage, lithium-ion batteries have a long lifespan and a higher depth of discharge. Other battery options include lead-acid and saltwater batteries. They don’t require as much maintenance and have higher energy and efficacy. 

It's the best battery for residential use and doesn’t require much space to operate. The battery life will last longer, and the higher efficiency means you can use more energy from your solar panels. Another popular battery option includes lead acid batteries, which are cheaper to install than lithium-ion batteries.


Set a budget before browsing your options and choose the best for your day-to-day energy consumption. You may look at the factors such as battery life, DoD, capacity, power, and round-trip efficiency. Whichever option you choose, make sure you consult with a professional for the best results.

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