A bit about Tami:  EXIT Realty Corp International’s CEO TAMI BONNELL is an internationally renowned leader in the real estate industry and was instrumental in building three major brands. Among her many achievements, she was recognized by Real Estate trend watcher, Stephan Swanepoel, three years consecutively as one of the 200 most Powerful and influential   people in residential real estate, among the top 20 corporate executives and among the top 10 women leaders.  Ms. Bonnell has been a featured speaker at the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTOR’S® convention to the Top 500 power brokers, The National Women’s Council REALTORS®, Inman News Connect Conference and the RIS Media’s Leadership Conference.   She was named to the National Association of Women in Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem ( NAWRB) Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council (NDLIC). Ms. Bonnell was honored by STEM connector as one of it’s 100 Corporate Women Leaders in STEM (science,…
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I have clients reporting back that they are having REALTOR®s calling them out of the blue, asking if they will take their referrals. Yes, REALTOR®s are calling mortgage professionals asking if they will take and close their deals is happening on a regular basis. This is not an unusual phenomenon, many of my clients have this happen occasionally by a REALTOR® who is unhappy with their current options, but it is happening more and more consistently and more frequently for sure! It is interesting to see the reasons these agents are giving for calling:  • I have heard good things about you from a coworker and wanted to try you and see how it went.• I have seen you before but didn’t have an opportunity to send you.• I have had a series of bad transactional experiences with my current referral choice.• My current choice can’t get loans closed in…
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Lead by real estate moguls Leslie Appleton-Young, Sara Sutachan and Debra Trappen, WomanUP!® exists to support the journey of women to the very top of their careers. Their three-part mission is to "identify, develop, and connect women in this industry. We identify the tools and strategies you need to make bold moves in real estate. We provide you with resources and events to develop your skills as a leader. We create opportunities to connect with other amazing leaders in the national brokerage community." Terri Murphy sits down with the three powerhouse leaders of WomanUP! to discuss their upcoming event, the 2020 WomanUP! Virutal Experience taking place on September 1st-3rd. The event promises "the signature solo talks, group conversations, and social gatherings you have enjoyed since 2017 - and translating them to a unique virtual experience." Watch the full interview below:  REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Click here to visit the WomanUP!® website and to register for the 3-day virtual…
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Our industry has always leaned harder on quantity than quality. It has only been recently inside the confines of social media that some originators have taken the “Five Star Review” as serious and their units and dollar volume. With the huge amount of demand for loans, some have forgotten about the quality of the client experience and have been happy to just close the loan. In fact, some have actually told clients and referral partners that they should be happy to have been able to close at all! Scary but true!  What I have always tried to share with my clients and those I am able to speak to is that the quality of the client and referral partner experience is “JOB #1”. Many have heard me say “the rate isn’t great if the closing is late” dozens of times. It has never been truer but also it has never…
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Why is it that some people close 5 or 10 loans a month and look frazzled, exhausted, and on the verge of a breakdown; and others close the same number of units or more, and make it look effortless? I know most of you are going to say, they have an assistant, or a better processor, or stronger company support! While some of that may be true; I know many originators that close 10 or more units a month and do it in less than 40 hours a week. I have some who do have help, and seamlessly close 15, 20, or more units per month in the same time frame.
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Many of the conversations we are having in our business lately has focused around production, opportunities, closings, dollar volume, loan sizes, loan products, timelines, and the quality of the experience for the customer. I also think we need to think about including the quality of the experience for our families, our teams, and ourselves. Far too often, we also don’t include the number of days and hours we commit to making it all happen. For those who follow the numbers, it can become a painful observation without the benefit of clarification.
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If you aren’t doing business now, it isn’t because of a lack of opportunities. Numbers coming out from every direction are supporting both huge numbers of purchase loans and refinances for everyone to convert into closed transactions. And the numbers aren’t just in one sector, all levels of borrowers are buying, and people continue to benefit from falling rates in both the purchase and refinance arena.
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Michael White and Terri Murphy discuss their "Forever Home Strategy" to help you get more listings and to help people help themselves to be in their forever home.  
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