Judy Levin
February 2023
Leelanau County Specialist

A New Home…Without Moving!

Research suggests that the average person will move over 11 times during their lifetime. Whilst moving is exciting, it’s expensive and can be very stressful.

What if there was some way to get that ‘new home’ buzz without the hassle? Well, of course there is, and that’s why people spend time and money updating their homes.

Here are five ways to get yourself a new home… without moving!

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  1. 1. Extend

A lot of people move home because their current house is becoming a bit of a squeeze. Maybe children have come along or you now work from home. If you have the garden space, it can make financial sense to build an extension rather than find a new property. The key thing is to do the sums up front, set a budget and stick to it.

The joy of an extension is that you have a new room(s) to plan and style exactly as you want.

  1. 2. Update the kitchen

The kitchen has become the heart of the home, with many properties now featuring a large living space based around the kitchen. Whether or not your house will allow for a big space for cooking, dining and just hanging out, replacing your kitchen is a great option. It will renovate your house, add value and give you that ‘new home’ pleasure.

Work with a kitchen planner to create a perfect layout, but don’t be afraid to shop around to get the update done at a price you like. It’s often cheaper to buy appliances independently rather than through the kitchen specialist.

  1. 3. Blitz the bathroom

Lots of us love staying in hotels and luxury apartments because of their opulent bathrooms. If this is you, think about bringing a boutique bathroom to your home. A new bathroom suite costs less than you think and will revolutionise how you feel about your bathroom. You could focus on updating your shower-bath or creating a luxurious walk-in shower, and then adding new tiles and flooring to suit your personal style.

  1. 4. Change the layout

If extending isn’t an option for you, you might look to knock down an internal wall to create a more spacious room – a larger living room or an extended kitchen space. If your floor plan doesn’t give you that option, think laterally about changes you could make. Could you move to a different bedroom? Swap a dining space with a living room? Add an en-suite to your room? All of these options will give your home a new lease of life.

  1. 5. Open up your loft

Our attics and lofts are nearly always wasted – they’re just dark, dusty storage areas. Making better use of this space will give you access to a whole new room. A master bedroom, an office, a den for the children… You can either formally convert the space with dormer windows, or renovate it yourself. There are lots of great ideas here.

So, with a little imagination you can achieve that happy new home without all that house-hunting, packing and spending. Enjoy your new property!

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