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The Good and The Bad About Countertops

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 26 April 2017 19:30

You got bored with the interior of your kitchen and decided to have some makeover. Remodeling of the whole kitchen may be quite expensive. There is a way that will improve both the look of your kitchen and its functionality. This way is very simple – just replace a countertop.

Of course, the variety of countertops is unlimited, and to choose one that you like is quite difficult. But the first option to start your choice is material that a countertop is made of. To make your list shorter let’s consider 4 countertops.


The “most-of-use” material that is popular for making countertops. This is a natural product, and its crystalline structure is the reason why its mineral surface has small cracks and crevices.

Pron’s: solid, durable, resistant against scratches, high and low temperatures resistant. Variety of colors is available to choose from.

Con’s: if there is any chipping spot, it will be difficult to repair it. Installation of granite countertop must be performed exceptionally by a professional. One more minus – there is a possibility of discoloration.


This is a classical type of countertops. Due to their simplicity wooden countertops are associated with French style.

Pron’s: in the interior it looks warm, clean and cozy. Very gentle on any fragile equipment including glass. Also is good for chopping.

Con’s:   wooden countertops are easy to be damaged with water or any other liquid, fire or sharp cutting equipment. If you spill something on it, scratch it, burn it – well, in a short period it’s going to need some maintenance. It would be good to use a protective sealer for food.  Discoloration is possible.


Quartz is the same strong and solid natural mineral as granite is. Wikipedia says that quartz is an abundant mineral. 

Pron’s: moulds and mildew resistant. Flat colors, long serviceable life, stain resistant, no sealing required for it.

Con’s: must be installed by a professional. It’s very delicate and easily damaged with high temperatures, thermal effects, cleaning liquids and floor strippers.


This material has is of a very good quality.

Pron’s: strong and solid, durable, temperature and stains resistant, resistant to alkali and acid. No color choice, but famous grey.

Con’s: requires regular maintenance, delicate to scratches and chips, darkening of color is possible with time.

Cement countertops (concrete)

A bright example of a cement countertop you can see in Concrete Countertop website.


Pron’s: any shape and any color possible. Availability for fillers like stone, glass, shells, etc. Surface may be matt or mirror effect, polished, painted or grounded. If there is a crack it can be eliminated.

Con’s: this is a porous material. It requires special treatment to avoid appearance of stains. Extra cold and hot temperatures can result in deformation of a countertop.


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