Sunday, 18 March 2018
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The Sprawling $39M “Villa di Sogni” in Laguna Beach, Recently Featured In Luxatic; Homeowner On Trial For Fraud, Discrimination, & Sexual Harrasment

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 11:36

The House of Dreams, recently featured in Luxatic,, The OC Register, Orange Coast, and Homes of the Rich, in addition the annual host of Oceana: SeaChange has come under scrutiny as its owner Bruce Cahill faces allegations of fraud, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Aside from the many lewd accusations which can be found in case No. 8:16-cv-00686-AG-DFM, filed in the United States District Court Central District of California Southern Division, allegedly Cahill would often comment about his own daughter. He is said to love it when his daughter and her “hot little friends” would swim at “Villa di Sogni;” he always enjoyed it when his daughter brought her young friends to his home.

One of “Villa di Sogni’s” frequent young guests spoke out recently in The Dirty stating to the contributor, “Nik, have you heard of this guy Bruce Cahill? I went to high school with Cahill's daughter Kira and I always remember her being a snob. Now she's friends with Blair Fowler a wannabe YouTube star lol and trying to be an actress or something. Anyways I went to UCI out of high school and sexual harassment was a big thing there and the admin didn't care. Came across this story in the LA times and even tho Mr. Cahill denies harassing his employee I'm telling you he was such a CREEP when Kira would have people over to her giant house in Laguna. She used to invite a bunch of girls over to swim and he would like stand outside watching us or sit by the pool in his shorts with us in our bikinis and try to talk to us. The last time our senior year we went to the house Kira got really upset and started yelling at him because she caught him staring thru the upstairs window. There was a girl in our group that stopped hanging out with Kira and I've always wondered why. Mr. Cahill always made sure to tell us how much money his house was worth and make jokes about how pretty we would be or when we would turn 18. I guess in HS you don't really think of this stuff as bad or anything. His wife was really nice, but she seemed to hide when people came over. Anyways dirty army should put this guy and UCI on blast because he's a dirt bag and so is UCI for letting this guy still be there.”

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  • State: New York
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