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3 Tips in Turning Your Real Estate Business Leads to Sales

Written by Posted On Friday, 18 August 2017 06:08

Real estate business as well as junk removal leads are difficult to get online. The internet is a vast playground for interested businesses. With the number of competitors in the real estate market, it may be a challenge to get potential customers to your page. And more importantly, how do we translate these leads into sales?


There’s a plethora of information available on the internet. However, we’re going to give you the lowdown of the fundamental techniques to ace your real estate business online. Coupled with an attitude towards success, hard work, and grit, you’re bound to get your first successful sale.


1.       Bait them in with a beautiful homepage or blog


Blog posts are more effective in sealing sales from leads than just posts with pictures. To maximize the amount of attention your reader has on your blog post, design each one to act like a landing page.


Most website are optimized for viewing on a laptop or PC. However, a mobile-friendly website design also increases your chances of being discovered. This is attributed to the fact that most people use their smartphones more often than their computers. In addition, Google tends to be more favorable towards websites that have a mobile version accompanying them too.


Real estate business leads can also be gained when you have your product on display. You can post pictures of developments near your area, or have an artist create models of projects that are yet to be built.


There are a number of professionals who are willing to do web design or create project models. However, it’s more economical to go to a trusted company to get everything done right away. This ensures that you have a pretty comprehensible theme with your website.


Companies like RealSpace 3D do both web design and 3D rendering. These kinds of companies are like one-stop shops for those interested to create content like this!


2.       Manage your leads effectively!


Congratulations! Your blog posts have secured internet leads and you are getting a number of inquiries from interested parties. All that’s left to do is to transform all of that to a good sale.

Most real estate business leads never translate to cash because of a quiet enemy: mismanagement.


Managing your leads is more than just organizing which person is interested in which property. Managing your leads refers to guide your client to seal the deal. This entails the periodic text messages you send them or ‘follow’ your leads through Facebook Ads. This helps you passively persuade the client to just go and get that sale because they can’t stop thinking about it!


Your relationship with your client doesn’t end with the closed sale. Follow up with your client every now and then, with larger intervals as time goes by. Ask them what their moving plans are and if you can help them with anything. Is the neighborhood OK? Or how has the move affected them? Be a source of support for your client during the moving process and they will greatly appreciate the gesture and effort.


3.       Know your SEO


In the Internet, content is king. Good content delivers you great rewards. Google, which started out as an engine to answer questions, prioritizes content that help answer the main questions in each article.


By now, you’re probably thinking, “How does Google identify the good ones from the bad?”. To strip it down to the fundamentals, Google ranks content by seeing how trustworthy the content is. This means if a certain website has been referenced by a variety of other websites in a certain keyword, it will most likely rank higher than others. Websites that also strategically place in keywords also rank higher than the rest. This technique is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


A majority of real estate agents learn to do SEO by themselves, as it is quick and easy to get into. For those agents who aren’t very particular in doing SEO or would rather use that time learning to get a bit of a day’s rest, SEO experts are often employed to do the nitty-gritty.

Whichever method you choose to do it, getting the right SEO can make or break your website.

What are your fundamental tips in turning real estate business leads to sales? Share with us in the comments!

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